Confusabobbed Jake
Zuh? is a recurring gag in My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It's an inquisitive catchphrase used by a character to express confusion or surprise, over something that perplexes him/her. It's used the same way the informal determiners "Huh?" or "Wha?" are used.


I Fear PrettiesEdit

Mr. Hornbill: A word, Mr. Lyon. I'm afraid you've got your facts completely wrong. The Sumatran Rhino is not the rarest rhino. The Vietnamese Rhino is. Please try to be a little more careful with your facts next time.
Jake: Yeah, Adam. Don't you dare jeapordadize my edumacation.
Adam: Zuh?

Making the GradeEdit

[Adam fearfully anticipates what his report card grades might be]
Adam: Okay, here goes.
[Adam slowly pulls out his report card; and is puzzled by the results]
Adam: Zuh?
[Adam reads his nonsensical stickers for grades]
Adam: A happy clown face, a pickle, and two doggy biscuits? And I got a rainbow in English? What kind of grade is a leprechaun.

Sick DayEdit

[Windsor brings out a cardboard cut our of Jake]
Jake's Tape Recording: I love my butt!
Windsor: I made this one, myself.
Jake's Tape Recording: Stop taping me, Windsor!
Adam: Zuh?

The Big Field Trip Part 1Edit

Jake: Now I remember why we aren't supposed to play on the bus, Adam. Music puts us to sleep.
[Jake and everyone other animal falls asleep]
Adam: I guess music really does soothe the savage beast. [Adam notices the bus driver is also asleep] Zuh?

The Big Field Trip Part 2Edit

[Windsor performs the "detachable thumb" magic trick for Ingrid and Lupe and "removes his thumb"]
Ingrid/Lupe: Zuh?
[Windsor puts his thumb back on]
Windsor: Puh. Illusion.
[Ingrid and Lupe applaud, in astonishment]

Gorilla of My DreamsEdit

[Windsor talks to Deb about his annoying friends]
Windsor: At times, they can go beyond the pale.
Deb: You'll be getting some new friends after the wedding.
Windsor: Zuh?

The Prince and the PooperEdit

Dobie: Get cracking! I've got napping to do and you're behind on your chores!
Jake: Zuh?

The Morning ZooEdit

[The students of CDMS become huge fans of Adam's radio persona]
Adam: Did you hear that, Jake? I'm finally popular. [Notices Jake remodeling the office] Zuh?

Jake: How'd you get your memory back?
Adam: Oh, that. I just predented to be Dork Dorkerson.
Jake: Zuh?

Flesh Fur FantasyEdit

[Jake notices Adam, wearing a gorilla costume]
[Adam takes the head item off]
Adam: Phew.
Slips: No, dude, check it out! He like, totally ripped that gorilla's head off!
Windsor: The truth of the matter is far more horrible than your naive, albeit, adorable observations imply, for it appears our furless friend, is wearing an animal costume.
Jake/Slips/Ingrid: Zuh?

Lie, Cheetah, StealEdit

Coach Gills: [voiceover] And that was the moment that everything changed. One look into those piercing black eyes and I knew this "Mr. Cheetah" was unlike any athlete I've ever seen before, and not bad looking either.
Mr. Cheetah: Voice over, huh? That's cool.

The Butt of the JakeEdit

Dr. Baboonski: It's normal to fuss over your butt, Jake.
Jake: You mean, I'm normal?
Dr. Baboonski: Well, no, Jake. Something is clearly amiss.
Jake: Oh, that would be Debbie, though she prefers to be called a "Ms". Silly, Debbie.
Dr. Baboonski: Actually, you're not the first monkey to name his cheeks.
Jake: Zuh?

The Hyena and the MightyEdit

[Rufus Hyena cries and Windsor comforts him]
Windsor: Do you guys realize what you've done?
[Adam and Jake shake their heads]
Windsor: Hyenas need to laugh to survive. Laughing keeps the oxygen flowing to their brains. If they don't laugh, it's only a matter of time, before they become the next unfortunate victim of the animal food chain.
Adam/Jake: Zuh?

Robo Frog 3000Edit

Pixiefrog: A robot could never manage the difficult, interpersonal conflicts of a living faculty.
Coyote: True, but what if the faculty is all robits?
Faculty: Yeah, what if.
[It's revealed the rest of CDMS's faculty has been replaced by robots]
Pixiefrog: Zuh?

Robot Adam: Phase two, replacing problemed students with trouble-free robots.
Adam: Zuh?

Hygiene HijinksEdit

Bull: I just don't feel like smashing people anymore.
Jake: You mean, the sight of me doesn't drive you to a furious rage?
Bull: Sure it does. I'm just too busy admiring the sight of me to do anything about it.
Adam/Jake: Zuh?

Mandrill of the HouseEdit

[Windsor runs away, crying]
Adam: What's wrong with him?
Slips: Oh, he's been that way, ever since his mom started dating Mr. Mandrill.
Adam/Jake/Lupe/Ingrid: Zuh?

Synch or SwimEdit

[Jake flushes his sea simians down the toilet]
Adam: What did you do!?
Jake: I took your advice. I flushed them because they were boring.
Adam: I didn't flush mine because they were boring. I flushed them because they ... expired.
Jake: Zuh?

Lyon's AnatomyEdit

Pixiefrog: You boys threaten to fire Hornbill like I asked?
Jake: Not only did we threaten to fire him, we did fire him.
Pixiefrog: Zuh?

Human BehaviorEdit

[Jake picks his nose in Miss Chameleon's class, ignoring the teacher]
Chameleon: Mr. Spidermonkey!
Jake: Zuh?

Kerry: I swear, if you do anything to embarrass me other than having the a monkey out on a leash, I SWEAR I'LL ... Zuh?

Lonely LyonEdit

Jake: There's just one thing I don't get.
Adam: What?
Jake: Why do you throw away your own poops?
Adam: Zuh?

Lyon of the PartyEdit

Bull: What are ya? Scared of me or something?
Adam: Heh-heh ... no?
Bull: That's good. Cuz I wouldn't want no scaredy babies at my birthday party.
[Bull hands Adam a birthday invitation]
Adam: Zuh?

Go FetchEdit

Coach Gills: Jake and Adam, you're team captains!
Adam/Jake: ZUH?!!!
Coach Gills: Don't "Zuh" me! Start picking!

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