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Yesterday's Funny Monkey is the 6b episode of season 1.


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  • In "Yesterday's funny Monkey", Adam said he was lactose intolerant, but in "Shark Attack", he ate pudding!
  • Before the scene where you can find out about the old stars at Charles Darwin Middle School. You can see Lippy Zebra.


  • Jake has a CD repeating his act.
  • Mrs. Tusk asked Jake to sign a contract to do six shows a week, and he repeated the same thing every time.
  • First appearence of series regular, Mr. (Dickie) Sugarjumper.
  • Credits: Jake does his routine with his butt and talks to the audience, but drives them away.
  • Running Gags: 1.) Jake keeps doing his routine. 2.) Animals keep spitting milk on Adam.
  • Lupe doesn't like milk and Adam is lactose intolerant.


  • Wardell Wombat: G'Day, gibbly goober!
  • Mrs. Tusk: (to Adam) Hey, I don't pay you to drink, you pay me! Three dollars and fifty cents.
  • Dickie: Hello, how's your trousers?
  • Audience: Just fine, thanks.
  • Jake: Whaaat are you looking at? Okey Dokey!
  • Jake: My butt is a classic; a classic has-been.
  • Lippy Zebra: Hubba Hubba Hoo!
  • Jake: I'm buttering my butt!

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