Wild Thing
Season 4, Episode 20
Wild Thing
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Wild Thing is the twentieth episode of season four.


A human girl who claims to be raised by Possums attends Charles Darwin Middle School and develops a Love-Hate relationship with Adam.





  • Adam usually experiences melancholy over being the only human, but when another human arrives, he freaks out and experiences jealousy. This is an interesting point of character development for him, helping him realize how much he loves his obscure role at CDMS.
  • A running gag in this episode, involves people assuming that either Adam's hair is constructed of fire or his head has caught on fire.
  • Carla Farulo from "The Notorious Windsor Gorilla" makes a second appearance.
  • Adam talks about his family. He mentions his father, being a penny-pinching individual and makes a first mention of his comical uncle, whom he calls "Uncle Marty".
  • Adam says he should ask his stylist to give him a less "flaming" color of red. This implies his hair is dyed, supporting a claim by Jake in "Glazed and Confused", saying he's not a natural redhead.
  • Adam can roll his tongue. So can Mrs. Warthog, but it's disgusting.
  • Adam's scholarship at an animal school, has overtime, given him a fan club, among the humans from other human schools.
  • The Possum Girl's name is never revealed. She is referred to as "PG" by her friends, as the initials for "Possum Girl".
  • The plot follows a similar formula to the film "Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy". About an egotistical, misogynistic newscaster, Ron, who tries to protect his position from a new female worker, Veronica Corningstone. The roles of those characters are played by Adam and Possum Girl respectively.