Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?
Season 4, Episode 16
Where in the World are Adam's Parents
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Where in the World Are Adam's Parents? is the sixteenth episode of season four.


The animals at Charles Darwin Middle School begin to become suspicious when they notice that Adam Lyon's parents are a consistent no-show whenever Adam is doing something that most parents would want to attend. So Jake, Windsor, and Slips decide to spy on Adam to see what they can find out.


  • Mauricio Polar Bear from the episode segment of Cool Kids can be seen in the school auditorium in this episode.
  • Principal Pixiefrog's middle name is revealed to be Pegone.
  • First on-screen appearance of Adam's parents (although their faces aren't shown) and the second on-screen appearance of Jake's parents. It's also revealed that Jake's dad thinks more highly of Adam Lyon then he thinks of his own son.
  • Look closely behind Adam Lyon when he's taking a picture. Slip's parents and Windsor's mother Margie (mentioned before in Mandrill of the House) can be seen for the first time in this episode.
  • For some unexplainable reason, even though Adam has no health problems being around animals, his parents are extremely allergic to them which is why Adam has to wash his clothes in boiling water every night and why his parents have to wear cyrogenic suits just to be around animals. (Although it is possible that Adam inherited some recessive genes which don't make him allergic) although that's not very likely.
    • Allergies aren't completely tied to genes like has been implied here - it is an immune response so it is entirely possible that his parents weren't raised in an environment with animals at all which could make them unprepared for the presence of animals biologically and made their body's instinctive reaction to all the sudden foreign materials that would come with those animals, a strong allergic reaction. And it is also possible that Adam, being much younger, simply hadn't developed any allergies to animals yet, and going to a school full of animals, he built up immunity either to the animal species in general or those specific individuals, preventing him having the same allergies as his parents.

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