Waiting in the Wings
Waiting in the Wings is a song sung by the understudies in Animal School Musical


Dicky: Some might call us incidentals.
We rarely get to star
in the big production numbers.
We just watch them from afar
but we're lurking right behind you.
Overhead or underfoot
and we're dreaming of the day you go kaput.
All: There is always someone waiting in the wings
to be there in case of injury or accident.
Dicky: If you fall or trip or hurl
that's when our careers unfurl.
As you founder, we'll go onto bigger things.
All: Cuz there's always someone waiting in the wings.
Henry: I may not have much charisma
or a personality.
Mostly, I just suck up air.
I'm not complaining. It suits me
but at times, I do get jealous
and I wish you'd go away
so that I could have my very special day.
All: There is always someone waiting in the wings
when you demand a bigger dressing room or special purse.
Dicky: When your diva like behavior
puts you quickly out of favor,
we'll move in and swiftly take your belongings.
There is always someone waiting in the wings.
James: I don't get too much attention cuz I'm smaller than a bean.
I'm so tiny, no one's noticed, I'm in every single scene.
I've been stepped on far too many times than anybody ought
so, I'd gladly steal your job without a thought.
Ingrid: Hey!
All: There is always someone waiting in the wings.
So, expect it, when you least expect it, everyone.
Dicky: We may not be A-list talent
or be cute or sweet of gallant
which are natures and the hope to which we cling
as you might get sick or take a spill
Bear: or hit your head
Henry: or catch a chill
James: or miss your cue
or fall from grace
???: or suffer from a saggy face
Bear: or get tied up
or locked a way
Dicky: or eat some rotten cheese fourme
James: a splinter or a paper cut
???: a leaky glue up on your butt
Dicky: or sprain your body, break a bone,
and have to spend a week at home
Henry: or crash your bike
or lose your voice
All: the universe still has a choice
Dicky: So, while you're out, we'll handle everything
cuz there's always someone waiting
someone anticipating
there is always someone waiting in the wings.

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