Up and Adam
Season 2, Episode 19
Up and Adam
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Up and Adam is the nineteenth episode of season two.


Adam passes the animal safety test.


After being the first kid to succeed safety class, Principle Pixyfrog awards Adam the opportunity to use the school's watchtower which was a good place to hang out. But there were some rules like the food in the fridge was stuff that Adam had to pay for, he was told not to fill up the Macadamian nut can with filberts and other nuts nobody really likes and to look out for pirates, clowns, and lawyers (because they sue).And the occupancy limit was one person. Adam said he would obey them, but however Jake comes up and starts eating the food that Adam had to pay for. Then he ate all of the macadamias and replaced them with filberts and other nuts nobody really likes.Then, he disobeys the occupancy limit (it said one PERSON and he was a MONKEY), so he invited the whole school to come up and then he used the telescope to stir the chili. Then Adam bumped into a beehive and it landed into a float of fake pirates causing them to bump into a hydrant causing them to get out and go to the school yarrging the whole time, followed by clowns who were honking their noses and then lawyers who kept saying "Sue Sue Sue Sue" the whole way. Adam tried to warn the school, but Jake used the alarm as a ice bucket. So Adam had to warn the school himself, but no one was there. They were all up there causing the pirates, clowns and lawyers to invade the school. Then Pixyfrog gives him the bill just because of the filberts in the macadamia can. Later, Jake tried some and said they weren't so bad after all.


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  • The title is a pun on the phrase "Up and At 'Em".
  • Jake brings up his "Be Somebody" phrase twice.
  • Credits Gag: The students dance in the Lookout Tower and Slips falls out of the tower's window, with the students shouting "Hurray!".