Season 2, Episode 24
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Uniformity is the twenty fourth episode of season two.


It's spring and fashions at school are out of control! Principal Pixiefrog solves this by instituting a school uniformity policy. Now the students are starting to act overly "proper" except Adam. Adam teams up with Dickie to return the school back to its old, less mannered ways.


  • Adam gets a spanking off screen.
  • Billboard Gags: "Spring has Sprung", and "No shirt, No shoes, No service."
  • Windsor T. Gorilla, a boy bear student, a boy dingo student, a boy rhino student, and a boy tiger student all appear naked for the first time in this episode.


  • (Adam, rubbing his bottom, walks up to Jake) Jake with sophisticated voice: I say dear boy, whatever is the matter with your bum? Adam: Wet nooodles hurt. And would you quit calling me "Dear boy?" Jake: So sorry, old man. Adam: Would somebody tell me why this place has gone off the deep end?! Jake: I think the answer is as plain as the proboscis on your face. Windsor: Or the claws on your backside, as the case may be. Adam: You mean it's these uniforms that are doing it? Slips with a normal voice: Yeah man! These suits make you act all stiff and stuffy. (Switches to sophisticated voice) I mean it's positively super, dappy! Adam: This place has gone from wild and wacky, to sedate and safe! Virgil: I think that I shall never see (breathes) a poem as lovely as a tree. Adam: How boring is that?!
  • (After all the other animal students have torn all their clothes off) Principal Pixiefrog: Beautiful, isn't it. Adam: Yes. (Rips off his pants and shirt) And totally WILD!!!! Ahhh! (Pixiefrog looks at Mr. Sugarjumper) Mr. Sugarjumper: Hey, don't look at me. I actually choose to dress like this!


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