"Lyon, I'm gunna give you such a thump!"
—Thunks Elephant
Trunks Elephant
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Trunks Elephant


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Trunks Elephant is an elephant at Charles Darwin Middle School. Though he is generally a background character, he serves the occasional role of being Adam's bully, whenever Bull Sharkowski isn't available or enough, and can mainly be seen, accompanying his fellow elephant friend, Endugu.


In "Inoculation Day", he was one of the students who was afraid of getting a shot. He was later seen standing on the steps to the school, but started running for his life, when Adam burst through the front doors.

In "Me Adam, You Jake", he was one of the many students to see Adam strip himself naked. He was significantly way smaller than usual in this episode, being shortened to roughly the same size, if not, a bit smaller than Adam Lyon. Later on, 5 versions of him were standing in the halls, along with one Endugu. Jake provoked them to stampede, by saying there was a peanut sale in the cafeteria.

In "The Sheds", he was part of the angry mob, out to get Slips, from presumably giving them the ick.

In "Le Switcheroo", he and Bull Sharkowski pushed Coach Gills back and forth in the halls, thinking she was their normal victim, Adam Lyon.

In "Leaf of Absence", Trunks took Principal Pixiefrog to court and successfully sued him for thousands, over him not including a certain kind of peanut on the lunch menu and Principal Pixiefrog sunk into a deep depression.

In "A Very Special Boy", he was dating Kimberly Swan. Adam came by and kicked him in the butt.

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