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Truffles Duvall is a famous pop singer as well as the lead actress on the popular TV show, "Yo Mama". Jake is a huge fan of her. She's never physically appeared, but has been constantly mentioned. Her first mention was in "The "A" Word".


In "The "A" Word", it was made clear that Jake was a die-hard fan of hers, and that Adam liked her too, to a lesser extent. Adam got an autographed poster of her, but it was torn apart by Bull Sharkowski, before he could show it to Jake. Jake's locker was shown to be full of Truffles Duvall posters and merchandise and he sang a few lyrics from her song, "Give Away My Heart". Adam would also dress up like Truffles.

In "The Sheds", Slips fell out of Jake's locker, covered in his Truffles Duvall merchandise.

In "Supplies Party", Adam saw Kerry and her friend, watching Ingrid dancing on stage, thinking she was an animatronic. by pointing in a random direction and saying "Look it's Truffles Duvall!" The two of them said "Where?" and looked away, giving Adam the time to swipe Ingrid away.

In "Cool Kids", Mauricio Polar Bear and the other cool kids, had a Truffles Duvall CD, containing music that hasn't even been released to the general public yet. This got Jake to want to join their clique.

In "Disregarding Henry", she made her first physical appearance, as one of the background audience members of Henry's performance on Wacky Pet Tricks!

In "Sidekicked", she was apparently also a TV show actress, instead of just a singer, implied when the group talked about her show titled "Yo Mama" They mentioned her having a sidekick named Jippy, who they were sad to hear they got rid of in Yo Mama's latest episode.

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