Tom E. Tamarin
Tom E. Tamarin


Doctor Thomas E. Tamarin




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Nice Mustache

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Maurice LaMarche

Dr. Tom E. Tamarin is a professional doctor, who was a former student at Charles Darwin Middle School, before growing a mustache and dropping out, considering himself an adult, despite being only 13. He first appeared in "Nice Mustache".


When Tom was only 11 years old just starting middle school, he sprouted a full mustache and left school, claiming to be "following his mustache". Surprisingly, this was actually the wisest decision of his life, as it ultimately led to him becoming a successful brain surgeon, who worked all day and night, including weekends and holidays, saving people's lives. Unfortunately, he's secretly unhappy with the stress and pressure of doing such an extreme job at such a young age. However, he represses these feelings and continues about his life, not knowing what else to do with his life.

In "Nice Mustache", Jake had supposedly sprouted a mustache and left school for the same reasons Tom did. Windsor and Slips had apparently either known him or heard of his legacy, warned Adam about the possible outcome of Jake's life if he continues following his mustache, comparing this to the similar story of Tom. The three of them visited Tom, after he'd finished brain surgery and he explained to them just how horrible his life was. He assured them that the only solution was to shave his mustache in a ninja battle. He revealed that there was apparently a "mustache code" in the mustache community, and said that there was a special trigger word, known as "Fisticuffs", which when used, means that no mustached man is allowed to use nun chucks in battle with the opponent who uses the term, giving Adam the opportunity to use this on Jake.

In "The Butt of the Jake", Dr. Tom E. Tamarin performed butt surgery on Jake after his butt exploded from over inflation. His assistant doctor, Dr. Baboonski explained to Jake how all monkeys were obsessed with their own butts, including Dr. Tom, who attempted to look up his own scrub suit before being yelled at by Baboonski.

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