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The Two Jakes is the 7b episode of season 2.


Adam learns that Jake completes all his work all because of his clone, Jakev2.0. He shows Adam's clone to him and claims that he knew a guy. At first, things go well, until the clones start acting like jerks. They are now wreaking havoc on everyone and it's ruining Adam and Jake's record. Will they catch the clones before they get into more trouble?


-For the only time, we see Adam and Jake (the clones) as teenagers, Young, Mature, and Elderly adults.

  • Credits: The clones play shuffleboard with Adam and Jake.


  • Billboard gag: Do not feed the Faculty
  • It is revealed that Adam will get bald and Jake will get fat when they get older.
  • Both Jake and Jake's clone appear naked in this episode.

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