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The episode 3-a of season 2.


Adam returns to his old school during an exchange program. While being there, he realizes that things there are not exactly the same as he remembers it. Jake comes along with him, however, he has a hard time distinguishing Adam from the other students.


  • Running Gags: Jake imagines Chester Arthur Middle School to be a school full of Adams.
  • The episode name "The Times, They Are Exchangin" is a parody to Bob Dylan's song "The Times, They Are A Changin".


  • Second appearance of Chad, a classmate from Adam's human school, who first appeared in the episode Supplies Party.
  • The Girl Scouts from Grub Drive return.


  • (When Jake and Adam first enter Chester Arthur Middle School)

Jake: The floor is yellow linoleum! I guess that could qualify as gold. Adam: I know, isn't it great? Jake: Not particularly.

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