The Times, They Are Exchangin'
Season 2, Episode 5
The Times They Are Exchanging
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The Times, They Are Exchangin' is the fifth episode of season two.


Adam keeps blabbing about how good his old school was. Fortunately, he gets the opportunity to go back there for a day.


Adam returns to his old school during an exchange program. While being there, he realizes that things there are not exactly the same as he remembers it. Jake comes along with him, however, he has a hard time distinguishing Adam from the other students.


Major RolesEdit

Minor RolesEdit


  • (When Jake and Adam first enter Chester Arthur Middle School)
  • Jake: The floor is yellow linoleum! I guess that could qualify as gold.
  • Adam: I know, isn't it great?
  • Jake: Not particularly.


  • The title of this episode is a pun on the Bob Dylan song, "The Times, They Are A Changin'".
  • First appearance of Chester Arthur Middle School and first time we get insight to what Adam's life was like at his old school.
  • Human beings resembling Mr. Hornbill and Mrs. Tusk appear at Chester Arthur, playing the equivalents of their respective roles.
  • Jake thinks all humans look the same, and imagines them all with the heads of Adam Lyon.