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The Spiffanos is the episode 4a of season 3.


Adam makes a potentially dangerous delivery for the Spiffies after borrowing a number two pencil. The delivery: delivering a lunchbox to a locker (as part of some revenge), which turns out to be harder than Adam thought, since Jake took it. Now Bull has it. How will they retrieve it?


  • The fish put in saltwater by the Spiffies said: "You get used to it." However, he's a freshwater fish, and when freshwater fish are put in saltwater in real life, they dehydrate.
  • School Announcement Board:Crazy Unibrow Day


  • Adam: So where's the lunchbox Jake?

Jake: Huhhhh! If you must know, it was right here. Adam: Well, now where is it? Jake: I don't know.

  • Phinnius Porpoise: You're working for the Finfather now!
  • (About Adam)

Slips: What a nork! Windsor: Nork? Slips: Yeah dude. It's a nerd and a dork put together. Windsor: How original. Come Slips, tell me more of your vernacular exploits.

  • Windsor: Monty Flounder once borrowed from the Spiffies.

Lupe: Now he's swimming with the fishes. Adam: But Monty is a fish. Ingrid: But not a saltwater fish. Jake: He was fresh! Fresh!!! Monty: Ah, you get used to it.

  • Principal Pixiefrog: What's that?

Mrs. Warthog: That's right P.F., I said it's not Crazy Unibrow Day. Principal Pixiefrog: Well, I guess you can take yours off then Warthog. Mrs. Warthog: Take off my what? (Mrs. Warthog gives a despised look) Principal Pixiefrog: ...This is awkward.

  • Principal Pixiefrog: Attention students, today is Crazy Unibrow Day. So put on those brows and get wiggling.

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