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The Prince and the Pooper is the episode 6b of season 3.


Jake trades places with Lord Saucypants (also called Saucy), his spoiled cousin, but Saucy's life may not be as glamourous as it seems.


  • Credits: Doobie Broadway flies across the stage at the cruse ship only to crash at the end as the audience cheers.
  • Both Jake Spidermonkey's cousin Lord Saucypants as well as Jake Spidermonkey himself appear naked twice in the episode segment of The Prince and the Pooper . This marks the fifth and sixth time that Jake Spidermonkey has appeared naked.


  • (Phone calls, Jake answers it) Jake: Hello, who is it? You're calling because you want to find out if Dobie Broadway Jr. is available for a six month cruise ship? How am I supposed to know if he's available? I'm just his monkey! Look, you'll have to talk to his agent! Dobie, who's your agent? (Dobie points to Jake) Yes, this is his agent speaking.
  • (Jake is dressed in a maid's outfit) Jake: I thought that my cousin Lord Saucypants had it made! Turns out, he is the maid! (Dobie Broadway Jr. drinks milk and spits it out) Dobie Broadway Jr.: Say! This isn't llama milk! Jake: The Sherpa said your bill was past due. Dobie: Than what will we use to wash my hair?! (Throws his hair on Jake, starts to cry)
  • Dobie Broadway Jr.: Hey diddle diddle! What do I see? Two monkeys and a boy are here to see me. Who wants to see me fly out of this tree? (Jake, Adam, and Lord Saucypants raise their hands) All right then! (Jumps, crashes to the ground, speaks in a strained voice) That was fun, I love fun! Eee-hee!

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