The Notorious Windsor Gorilla
Season 4, Episode 7
The Notorious Windsor Gorilla
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The Notorious Windsor Gorilla is the seventh episode of season four.


After Adam Lyon paints Windsor T. Gorilla, the smart primate finds himself in the big time as he's now got fame! But Windsor might have to learn the hard way that fame can be all too fleeting.


  • End Credits: While Jake waits on the Toilet, random people take Adam's art, then someone take a toilet Jake was on, making a geyser burst under Jake.
  • The show that the guy who liked Adam's painting was going to be called My Gym Partner's a Gorilla.
  • During the episode about Windsor they replay the show's theme song, but instead of Jake in the theme song it's Winsor.
  • Cartoon Network is actually mentioned in the episode about Windsor.
  • Running Gag: Someone calling Adam a redheaded Girl.

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