The Notorious Windsor Gorilla
Season 4, Episode 7
The Notorious Windsor Gorilla
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The Notorious Windsor Gorilla is the seventh episode of season four.


Windsor becomes famous.


After Adam Lyon paints Windsor T. Gorilla, the smart primate finds himself in the big time as he's now got fame! But Windsor might have to learn the hard way that fame can be all too fleeting.



  • The title is a pun on The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Mrs. Tusk is fired and rehired again over the course of this episode.
  • Adam has a liking for artwork.
  • In this episode, the school doesn't have an art class. However, in "Shiny Thing", a creative writing class was taught by Miss Loon.
  • Adam's painting of Windsor is done in the style of Margaret Keane's unique Big Eyes Waifs.
  • Captain Corporate said "I am the very model of the modern middle management", which is a reference to The Pirates of Penzane, and the song, "I am the very model of a modern major general".
  • It's a running gag for people to mistake Adam for a red-haired girl.
  • Corporate says Windsor could get a show on Cartoon Network, and a parody of the Theme Song, plays, for a show called "My Gym Partner's a Gorilla".
  • First appearance of Carla Farulo.
  • Windsor's line of toys includes a tennis action figure with a Monica Seles sidekick. Monica Seles is a famous tennis player.
  • Third time Windsor is seen showing interest in female gorillas. The first two occasions were a brief interval from "Kerry to Dance?" and the entirety of "Gorilla My Dreams".
  • One of the tabloid magazines of Windsor gossips about a relationship between him and "J-Lo".
  • The mothers of Windsor, Adam, and Principal Pixiefrog are all mentioned in the last two minutes of the episode.
  • Windsor has a nightmare about Mr. Mandrill following him around, dressed as his mother, foreshadowing the events of "Mandrill of the House", wherein Mr. Mandrill and Margie Gorilla would start dating.
  • This entire episode was all just Jake's dream.
  • Billboard Gag: Now Playing: Harry Otter and the Kettle of Fish.
    • This is a reference to the Harry Potter franchise.
    • Principal Pixiefrog also chastises the marquee company for treating his facility as more of a movie theater than a school.
  • End Credits: While Jake waits on the Toilet, random people take Adam's art, then someone take a toilet Jake was on, making a geyser burst under Jake.