The Note
Season Shorts, Episode 1
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The Note is the first episode in a series of My Gym Partner's a Monkey shorts. It has yet to resurface on the internet.


Jake passes a note to Adam in class.


Jake keeps trying to pass a note to Adam in Mr. Blowhole's class, but Adam rejects it, not wanting to get in trouble. By doing so, he ends up causing as much of a disruption as he does and Mr. Blowhole sends him to the front of the classroom to read the note. Adam tries to read the note, but the entire thing is just gibberish. He tries to sound it out, but Mr. Blowhole assumes he's doing it as a way of mocking him and gives him detention. After returning to his seat, Adam is still harassed by Jake, throwing a tiny wad of paper at him and forming a "football goal" shape with his fingers, prompting him to land himself in more trouble.


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