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The Mornig Zoo is the episode 8b of season 3.


Adam becomes the new school announcer, but trouble insues when a cinderblock-related accident causes him to get amnesia, but because the last thing he heard was his radio persona, he believes he is his radio persona.


  • When Adam reads the morning announce-ments, everybody says "Ahhhhhhhh" according to the closed captioning, and when the scene moves to outside of the school, the bullitin board says "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".
  • When the listeners cheer for Dork Dorkerson's debut, Nate Penguin's upper half is brighter.
  • in a scene where the students are moving rocks, You can see Larry the Raccoon and Dingbang Panda separately.
  • When Jake thrills the students, Lacey the Badger's hands aren't dark.
  • Nate and Nathaniel Penguin return as listeners to the Morning Zoo
  • Scientist I. Didnt (From "Pants in Space") returns as a Temporary teacher in CDMS.


  • Pixiefrog:Mrs. Warthhog fire them for this responubel.

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