The Morning Zoo
Season 3, Episode 11
The Morning Zoo 2
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The Morning Zoo is the eleventh episode of season three.


When Principal Pixiefrog's gets a frog in his throat, Adam becomes the new school announcer.





  • This title is a possible pun on "The Morning News".
  • Principal Pixiefrog's notes have to be written on 8/12x11mm sheets of paper, due to his minuscule stature.
  • Smashing Tadpoles is a parody on Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Mrs. Warthog has worked at CDMS for 34 years.
  • Jake's costume attire, when taking on the role of a DJ alludes that of electro house musician, Steve Aoki's.
  • Jake and Adam's respective DJ names are "Jumping Jake Jolson" and "Dork Dorkerson".
  • I Didn't from "Pants in Space" makes another appearance, as a temporary teacher.
    • Apparently, he addresses himself as "Larry", which was a misnomer that Principal Pixiefrog gave him in the previous episode, not wanting to call him by his real name. Somehow, this must have stuck and now even "Larry" uses it.
  • Sixth episode where Adam and Jake are in gym together, following "Chew on This", "Guano in 60 Seconds", "Le Switcheroo", "Talking Teddy", and "Uniformity", complying with the title of the show.
    • Speaking of which, Jake makes a fourth wall joke, referencing the show's artifact title, with he and Adam only occasionally being seen in gym class together.
  • Adam's favorite pie flavor is blueberry.
  • A flashback to the Adam and Jake first meeting is shown. They're both in stereotypical 80's clothes and Adam asks "Excuse me, do you know where Mr. Horbill's class is?", to which Jake replies "No." This was most likely a gag.
  • Billboard Gag: "Cocka-doodle-do", "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", and "KCDMS is on the hair".
  • Credits Gag: A live action still frame of Mrs. Warthog, with flies buzzing around her. At the end, she swats them all with her tail.

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