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The Magic Fish is the 6b episode of season 2.


Adam is granted a "magic fish wish" after finding a stranded fish called David Coppertrout. He thinks that the wish is foolish nonsense, however his friends have a different opinion and they want him to use the wish on them. Adam is being chased around the school, and he can't take it.


  • Credits: Jake tries to "save" David Coppertrout, so he can grant him a wish, but he can't because David is tied to a chain.
  • We learn that Coach Gills has no friends.


  • Adam: Will somebody tell me where I made the wrong turn into Woo-Woo Land?
  • Adam: Oh, good. I thought you were going to beg me for my wish.

Principal Pixiefrog: Don't be silly, I'd never do that. But if you'd like to barter for it, maybe I could look the other way if you wanted to, oh, I don't know, skip out on stalking class for the rest of the school year. Adam: You were my last hope, Principal Pixiefrog.

  • Coach Gills: I have no friends. (Horace walks away in disgust) Oh, knock it off, Horace. You know we have a strictly professional relationship.
  • Coach Gills: May I confess my deepest, most personal secret to you?

Adam: I really rather you didn't.

  • Jake: What kind of stuff do they have on Mars?

Slips: I don't, uh, Mars stuff. Jake: Mars stuff? I want Mars stuff! Gumballs Adam, hand over that wish!

  • Slips: I had a cousin in Ecuador who scored a wish once.

Jake: What did he wish for? Slips: I don't Jake: Stuff? I want stuff! Dag nabbit Adam, give me your wish!

  • (After reading David's business card)

Adam: David Coppertrout? Jake: I thought your name was Lil' Puddin' Tater. David Coppertraut: I never agreed to that.

  • David Coppertrout: Yes, listen to the monkey. He is a smart monkey.

Jake: Boy, I like our new friend every second.

  • (About David Coppertraut)

Adam: He's not magic Jake, there's no such thing. Jake: Yes, there is! Just look at the sparkle in his eyes. If that's not magic I don't know what is.

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