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The Ivy League is hte episode 5a of season 4.


Mrs. Warthog is checking up on the Charles Darwin Middle School files when she notices that there are several erroneous errors. Adam Lyon isn't actually a lion, he's in by a typo! Mr. Sugarjumper isn't a sugar jumper, that was another typo! Miss Loon isn't actually a loon, she's a blue jay! And most importantly, Jake apparently isn't a spidermonkey, but a spider-plant! So in order to avoid a lawsuit, Principal Pixiefrog calls Adam and Jake in. Adam is filled in on the information that he's already known, while Jake is informed that he's going to get transferred! Jake is sent to Creeping Broad-Leaf Sedge Middle School which is a school for plants of all things, all because Jake is thought to be a spider-plant instead of a spidermonkey. Jake finally finds out what it's like for Adam to be ostracized for being in a school that he doesn't really fit in, and tries to write Adam and his friends for help. While Adam's friends prove to be unwilling, Adam still wants to help (but only because Jake still owes him some money.) Meanwhile, Jake hates the uniforms, the food, the courses, and he thinks he's cracking because he's hearing voices. But when Jake feels a plant comforting him, he thinks that he's finally found acceptance. But just then, Adam comes to rescue him. All Adam and Jake have to do now is put a real spider-plant in Jake's place and nobody will know the difference. But Jake isn't ready to leave yet. He wants to prove that he could learn how to be a plant if he wanted to. And the only way to do that is by learning: PHOTOSYNTHESIS! So he tries and concentrates harder than he ever has before, and somehow, he does it! Jake Spidermonkey learns how to turn green and achieves photosynthesis! Jake tells Adam as the leave the plant school that Jake is happy to have learned photosynthesis. Meanwhile, it turns out that the plants actually CAN talk in their own language but can't understand the human's language as liveroot plant asks the Principal, a Malaysian Palmgrass plant if a spidermonkey just said that he learned how to photosynthesize. And the principal says it's ridiculous, because spidermonkey's can't talk.


  • Mrs. Warthog's seemingly harmless habit of putting up 'tasteful' photos on the Internet of 'herself' will come back into play in just a couple more episodes in Glazed and Confused.
  • End Credits: Jake is just waiting in a classroom with sunglasses on while the orchestral song Blue Danube plays.

If you look at the pot pie package that Principal Pixiefrog puts into the microwave in This episode, the package says that the brand is a Tom Sheppard's Pie. This is a reference to one of the people who helped co-write this episode.

  • Nathaniel Penguin makes an appearance in Jake's flashback.
  • Principal Pixiefrog thought Adam was an actual lion before Mrs. Warthog told him he was a human. This doesn't really make any sense as in season two, Pixiefrog was revealed to be aware of Adam's true species this whole time.
  • Jake Spidermonkey somehow manages to learn how to do photosynthesis (Turn Green.) in this episode, despite the fact that he's not a plant!
  • Running Gags: various characters drop coffee cups whenever anybody says or does something shocking.


Jake to Adam: I'm offended that we're viewed as problem students.

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