The Hyena and the Mighty
Season 4, Episode 1
The Hyena and The Mighty
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The Hyena and the Mighty is the first episode of season four.


Jake's new friend, Rufus Hyena starts crying non-stop after Adam insults him, so Adam tries various antics to restore Rufus' ability to laugh.





  • First episode of season four.
  • The title is a pun on the phrase "The High and The Mighty".
  • The expiration date on Adam's bus pass is 2026.
  • Adam Lyon does an oral report on The Shipwreck of The Titanic.
  • Slips pitches softballs by regurgitating them.
  • At one point, Adam went to school, wearing nothing but his underwear, and assumed it was a dream, only to find out it was real. This is a take on the classic "Going to School in One's Underwear Dream" that everybody has at some point in their lives.
  • Ninth episode, where Adam and Jake are in gym together. The others being Chew on This, Guano in 60 Seconds, Le Switcheroo, Talking Teddy, Uniformity, The Morning Zoo, Lie, Cheetah, Steal, and The Frog Principal.
  • Tenth episode in which Adam's Underwear is shown. (Inoculaton Day, Lyon of Scrimmage, Me Adam, You Jake, Docu-Trauma, Basic Jake, The Two Jakes, Uniformity, The Cuddlemuffins, and Gorilla of My Dreams)
  • The "Laugheteria" from "Yesterday's Funny Monkey" appears again.
  • Mr. Mandrill looks weird in this episode.
  • The bass music playing in the background of Mr. Mandrill's comedy routine is reminiscent of the music from Seinfeld, doing a parody on Jerry Seinfeld's comedy night epilogues.
  • Adam becomes the victim of a giant Rube Goldberg machine, which, according to Principal Pixiefrog, is a seperate wing in their school that serves no purpose and causes complete harm. He says it should've been shut down, and it's "a lawsuit waiting to happen."
  • Adam goes through serious character derailment in this episode; not only does he act rude and offensive towards Rufus, but he is also the cause of the problem and doesn't even seem to care that Rufus was dying, going so far as to threaten Rufus.