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The Cuddlemuffins is the episode 3b of season 3.


Adam makes the mistake of petting one of the Petting Zoo Kids and later regrets it when they steal his money, his schoolbooks, his lunch, and his clothes (what an idiot).


  • Running gags in this episode: 1. Adam gives in to the Cuddlemuffins, instead of asking Jake for help. 2. Principal Pixiefrog tries to sell merchandise to the students.
  • Ingrid gives a discount on her hugs, but by the end of the episode, she charges full price for them.


(In the halls of Charles Darwin Middle School, Adam meets a little white lamb dressed in a red coat, a white shirt, a blue tie, and gray pants. The lamb bleats happily)
Lamb: Pet me! Please? Please pet me! Please? Please? Please?
Adam: Oh, my gosh! You are just the cutest little fella! Of course I'll...
(Just as he is about to pet the lamb, Jake Spidermonkey appears, frightening them)
Jake: Get lost, lamb shanks! (The lamb runs away, crying) No need to thank me. I'll put it on your bill.
Adam: My bill?
(Later in gym class, Adam is playing basketball. He is about to shoot a basket when a little brown goat in a light blue sweater and jeans walks up to him and lays on his back, showing his belly)
Goat: Tummy rub? Tummy rub, please?
(Adam is about to when Jake swoops down on a vine, scoops him up, and throws him in the basketball net)
Jake: You're safe here!
Adam: Safe from what? (After Jake leaves, he looks down at the goat, still wanting his belly rubbed) That's so cute!
(Back in the hallways, Adam walks up to the vending machines. In the last row under several shelves of Vine-O candy bars, he sees a chocolate bar)
Adam: Wow! One chocolate bar, completely bug, mud, and worm free! Something in the candy machine I could actually eat! I'd better get it!
(He is about to when a cream-colored pony in a white blouse with a pink color and a pink gingham skirt, standing behind him holds out her arms for a hug)
Pony: Huggy? (Adam turns around and sees her) Huggy?
Adam: Well, hugs are nice. (When he gives the pony a hug, she grins mischievously, steals a five-dollar bill from his back pocket, and runs off with it. Adam shrugs, pretending like it didn't happen) Now for that candy bar. (He reaches into his pocket) Huh? Weird. I had five bucks.
(Jake arrives)
Jake: Hey, Adam. Here you go. (Hands him a pamphlet)
Adam: What's this?
Jake: It's your bill. For my services. You know, protecting you from the myriad dangers and near disastrous predicaments you find yourself in all the time.
Adam: Like what?
Jake: Like, keeping you from falling victim to the Cuddlemuffins.
Adam: The Whattla-Hoofins?
Jake: The Petting Zoo Kids!
Adam: Why would I need protection from the adorable, cuddly Petting Zoo Kids?

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