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The Butt of the Jake is the episode 2a of season 4.


ake's obsession with His butt goes too far and his friend Adam decides that an intervention is neccessary in order to curb Jake off of his unhealthy behavior.


  • Second appearance of Dr. Tom E. Tamarin. His first appearance was in Nice Moustache.
  • This episode was banned from showing on Cartoon Network after its second time airing in early September 2007. Cartoon Network's new Executive General Manager (out of Atlanta) pulled the episode after he found it offensive and "too-butt-filled", which was deemed inappropriate and vulgar for the intended audience of children. Shortly after its removal it was nominated for an Annie Award in Writing. However, despite the episode being banned, it is still available through DVD boxsets, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and other online streaming sites and services. It is unknown whether the episode's ban is permanent and whether or not reruns will air on any Turner-related network via broadcast television. The sister episode, "Shark Fin Soupy", was later re-paired with the later Season 4 episode "Hygiene Hijinks" on May 28, 2008.

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