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The A Word is the 4b episode of the first season.


One day, Adam tells Jake "that shark ape on me!"Jake was offended because he's a monkey so he look for another friend by an audition..meanwhile, Adam dressed up like Jake crushed..a female rockstar. But at the end, Jake reveals that his reason for ending their friendship was because Adam said "ape" at Bull, and that it's the ultimate monkey compliment. He admits that he just got jealous because Adam said it to Bull. Adam is outraged that Jake made him go through all that pain and hardship all over something so petty, and declares Jake now on his "former best friend" list. The episode ends with Jake fruitlessly begging Adam for forgiveness, with Coach Gills and Horace following Adam to hang out with him.


The "A" Word Billboard gag: Good luck, Academic deer-cathelon in state finals.

The "A" Word is "Going ape on me." but since Adam gave the school bully the compliment, Jake got mad.

Credits: Henry sitting outside with Pablo, a football, but Pablo deflates.

In this episode, we learn that Jake likes Grrrr Power.

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