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That Darn Platypus
Season 3, Episode 9
Air date U.S May 18, 2007

Australia: 19th May 2008

Written by Tom Sheppard
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Pride and Pixiefrog

That Darn Platypus is the seventh episode of the third season of My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It aired on May 18, 2007, and served as the third part of Cartoon Network Invaded.


It is nighttime at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Mr. Mandrill is adjusting the letters on the school sign to welcome a group of alumni and friends. Unfortunately, he has a fear of heights, and just as he's finishing up, the ladder tips, sending him slamming into the sign. Of course, this changes the letters on the sign, but since Principal Pixiefrog's eyesight is so bad he can't read it, Mr. Mandrill claims that it sends the intended message, and the two walk off to eat pie, ignoring the fact that the sign really says "Welcome Space Aliens"–and then ignoring the crash behind the school and subsequent power outage.

The next day, the power is still out. Jake suspects aliens, although Adam is skeptical about them as the cause. However, Windsor is inclined to concur with Jake, as no motor vehicles are working in addition to the electricity being off. His reasoning is that it's because aliens want to suck their brains out, as he read in a copy of "Weekly World Snooze" (or possibly a hipster t-shirt), and Slips agrees with him on the basis that if it's in print, it must be true.

Once at school, things only get stranger, as someone has left banana peels scattered around the hall, another event which Jake attributes to aliens. Windsor and Slips agree, pointing out that aliens love comedy. However, before there can be any debate over aliens and their preferred forms of entertainment, Lupe enters, panicked by an alien attack. Worried, Jake lets everyone into Adam's locker, and they hide there as Adam confronts the "alien": a new kid named Rick, who happens to be a platypus. While his friends find the new guy strange and stay hidden, Adam decides to try and help him fit in, and shows Rick around the school.

However, it seems that Rick doesn't really want to fit in, as he keeps yelling about how he's an alien that sucks brain juice. The rest of the school, already panicked, takes his comments at face value. Even the lunch lady is scared of him, hiding from him when he asks for brain juice for lunch.

Not only that, but Rick is so committed to his alien schtick that he's started doing prop comedy: setting up a satellite to signal the aliens, lights to guide the mothership in to land, and even cutting symbols into the school football field for the motherships's resting point. Of course, Adam knew what it was like to be the new kid once, so he puts up with it in the hopes that maybe Rick will catch on that his gags are falling flat. However, he eventually has to go back to his locker, and when he finds his friends in there, he tries to tell them to ease up on Rick. Rick, of course, does not make this easy, as he scares everyone out of the locker by suddenly appearing inside, with a hunk of cheese for an easy gag. Once everyone else is out, Rick slams the door of the locker, keeping him in. Principal Pixiefrog then stops by, and when told by Adam's friends of their alien concerns, reassures them that just because someone is odd, doesn't mean they're a space alien. However, at that moment, another odd student (Dickie Sugarjumper) hops by, and Pixiefrog decides that maybe, just maybe, some background checks are in order. He then leaves, but his words resound with the group, who undergo a moment of hugging and learning–which is interrupted when Rick loudly proclaims that he's different because he sucks brain juice. As is becoming normal, this scares everyone but Adam, and they all scatter to get away from Rick. Adam angrily asks him to cut the gag before realizing something more disturbing: how did Rick get out? However, Rick waves the question off by claiming he used a teleportation device and then escaping into the A.V. Room.

In the principal's office, meanwhile, Mrs. Warthog has finished going through the records her boss asked her to look up. As it turns out, neither Adam nor Dickie are aliens, although Dickie's file contains some icky items, but she was unable to find Rick in the database. This, however, is because the power being down means she can't even access the database. Unfortunately, it's creating a bigger problem: she hasn't been able to play computer solitaire for a while, and it's making her edgy. However, at that moment, the power comes back on.

While this interaction is taking place between the principal and his secretary, Adam is peeking into the A.V. room to see what Rick is up to. Once inside, the power comes back on, but the screens start fizzling static intertwined with images of Rick's work, Rick laughing, and a UFO. However, Adam soon locates the source of this, which is Rick playing with the A.V. equipment. Fed up with the alien gag, Adam simply grabs Rick and stuffs the monotreme into his backpack before Rick can wreck anything else.

At this point, Mrs. Warthog has started losing at solitaire, and Mr. Mandrill is freaking out because apparently "they're here!" Rick, assuming this means the aliens have arrived, tries to escape, and when Adam tries to stop him, bites down on Adam's head. This causes Adam to freak out and run around screaming, and his friends realize that if Adam cannot save them from the alien, they'll have to get help from someone else. They walk off, and Adam and Rick end up crashing into the river in the hallway, where Rick starts to sink because he apparently cannot swim, although Adam disbelieves this because platypuses spend half of their lives in the water.

Windsor, meanwhile, has led the little group to the lair of the Spiffies. Despite his requests for their help, they deny that there are any aliens–at least, until proof arrives in the form of banana peels falling from the sky. At this point, they begin to play Star Trek instead, but the group takes the opportunity offered by this and steals the Spiffies' laser cannon.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Warthog has lost 537 games of solitaire in a row and broken her computer. However, it matters not, as Principal Pixiefrog has completely forgotten what he wanted her to look up in the first place. At this point, Mr. Mandrill bursts in, and gleefully announces that his name is in the phone book, before telling Principal Pixiefrog that the guy at district headquarters called and informed him they have no record of a Rick Platypus. Mr. Mandrill then leaves, but Mrs. Warthog has come up with a new idea: sell a picture of the alien to the tabloids. Naturally, Principal Pixiefrog is on board, so long as it means money is involved.

Adam is still waiting for Rick to reappear when David Coppertrout swims to the surface of the river in order to start bathtime. However, when informed by Adam that Rick was joking about not being able to swim, he informs Adam that there is no way a water-dweller would lie about swimming ability, and worriedly swims downstream. At this, Adam realizes he's made a terrible mistake and rescues Rick from the bottom of the stream. However, once on dry land, Rick wakes with a laugh and informs Adam that his lung capacity has increased ten times on this planet. Annoyed, Adam tells him to give up the alien gag, just as his friends arrive with the laser cannon and point it at Rick. After a brief argument, and accidentally setting it off on Bull, they settle down, but by now Adam is sick of the idiocy and tries to carry Rick away. However, upon rounding a corner, he is menaced by the paparazzi of principal and secretary, who as it turns out forgot to remove the lens cap on the camera. To make matters worse for them, the flash goes off in their faces when they try to remove the cap, blinding them. Adam takes note of this, however, and grabs the camera as he runs off with Rick. When he comes across the Spiffies exiting the boiler room, he quickly blinds them and runs down the stairs with his platypus cargo.

Once in the basement, he informs Rick that they should be safe, but tells him to just cut the alien gag already, because nobody is laughing and nobody is entertained. All in all, Rick should just stop pretending. At this point, Rick finally agrees: he'll stop pretending. Unfortunately for Adam, however, he guessed wrong: Rick is actually an alien, and he's just going to stop pretending to be a platypus.

Scared for his life, Adam exits the boiler room and then slams the door shut. He finds Mr. Mandrill outside, and informs him that the aliens are here. At that moment, the cavalry arrives, but runs straight into the door to the boiler room and breaks their weapon. At that point, the alien says he's coming out. The door creaks open, and two tentacles pop out. Everyone screams until Rick heaves himself up and tosses away a pair of prop tentacles. He then pulls out a carton of "brain juice" which turns out to really be fortified pomegranate juice. At this, everyone concludes that he isn't an alien, and everyone but Adam disappears so they don't have to clean up the mess. Adam is completely confused, though, especially since he saw that Rick was an alien; however, Principal Pixiefrog happens by and tells Adam not to judge on appearances and to clean up the mess around him before leaving. Suddenly, an odd noise is heard, and down the hall a purple UFO is seen hovering with Rick at the controls. He tosses out a banana peel and flies away, which causes Adam to run away screaming until he slips on the peel.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Principal Pixiefrog: [trying to read a sign] "Does that say 'Welcome specials species alumni and friends?"
    Mr. Mandrill: "If I say yes can we have pie?"
    Principal Pixiefrog: "Absolutely."
    Mr. Mandrill: "Yes."

  • Jake Spidermonkey: "You know my feelings are never wrong."
    Adam Lyon: "Except when they are."
    Jake Spidermonkey: "Well, if you want to get technical."

  • [Adam's friends are hiding in his locker. Adam opens it and looks in.]
    Jake Spidermonkey: "Is the alien still out there?"
    Windsor Gorilla: "Yeah, some of us need to go potty."
    Lupe Toucan: [staring at Jake, annoyed] "Some of us already did!"
    Jake Spidermonkey: "Well, this is my locker."
    Adam Lyon: "Actually, it's mine, Jake."
    Jake Spidermonkey: "Geez Adam, your locker stinks."

  • David Coppertrout: "Are you here for bathtime?"
    Adam Lyon: "No thanks. I'm good. But maybe you can help me out."
    David Coppertrout: "Certainly, boy. Sponge or loofah?"

  • Bull Sharkowski: [hit with a particle-decelerating ray] "My particles! They're decelerating!" [his particles stop decelerating] "Well. That passed." [He continues merrily on his way.]

  • Ingrid Giraffe: [drinking Brain Juice] "I'm feeling smarter already."
    Slips Python: "We all is."


As part of a crossover event, this episode shares a number of themes with the other episodes:

  1. The aliens have three eyes (Rick has three eyes when he turns into an alien).
  2. The aliens are perceived as brain suckers (Rick has an obsession with sucking brain juice).
  3. The UFO that appears in each episode appears on the TV screens when Rick is in the A.V. Room.
  4. References to cheese (Rick is seen eating cheese in Adam's locker).
  5. Shapeshifting (Rick turns into an alien in the boiler room, and his platypus form is implied by that to be a morph).
  6. Stupid character's brains are sucked out in the end credits of "Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon;" in this case, the character chosen was Slips Python.

"Lighten Up" GameEdit

Like the other Invaded specials, a game was made for this episode. The My Gym Partner's a Monkey game was "Lighten Up." In this game, you play as Jake (hiding in a bush) and try to collect all the lights that Rick Platypus is putting down on the football field within a set amount of time. This is done by clicking with the mouse to make Jake follow a line, upon which he will collect all lights in the line. Apples provide extra time, while oranges provide extra energy (which is lost if a banana peel is slipped on).


  • Goof: When Mr. Mandrill is pointing out his name and number in the phone book, it is listed on a page full of Mr. Mandrills. However, a closer look reveals that there are only 6 numbers assigned to various Mr. Mandrills, and the list is simply copied and pasted several times over.
  • The "Weekly World Snooze" magazine that Windsor pulls out has a picture of the Eds on the cover.
    • This is the second time "Weekly World News" was referenced in the crossover event; the first time was with Bloo's "World Weekly News" magazine in "Cheese A Go-Go."
  • Mr. Mandrill's phone number is apparently 555-1235.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Windsor Gorilla's hand puppet, Teddy Truman. The puppet previously appeared in "Talking Teddy" and would later make a cameo in "My Feral Lyon."


That Darn Platypus22:47

That Darn Platypus

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