Teddy Truman
Teddy Truman

Full Name

Theodore Truman




Ventriloquist Puppet


Windsor Gorilla

Voiced By

Rick Gomez

Teddy Truman is a ventriloquist puppet, used by Windsor Gorilla. Whenever he's around, everyone else in the school, except for Adam seems to be stupid enough to believe he is a living being. They've gone so far with this, they've actually made him an official student at Charles Darwin Middle School.


Though technically not his canonical debut, Teddy Truman first appeared in "Docu-Trauma", when filmmaker Zira Cornelius was looking for animal talent. She interviewed Windsor using Teddy Truman, but was unsatisfied by and abruptly left.

In "Talking Teddy", Windsor first introduced Teddy Truman to the school. Other students got a good laugh out of him. However, it soon came to Adam's revelation that nobody could tell he was actually a puppet, as he was accepted as an individual student. Windsor knew Teddy was fake, being the one controlling him, and explained the reasons for animals seeing Teddy as real is because of zookeepers using puppets, resembling their parental figures to feed animals when they're babies. He followed this with reasoning that he's grown so attached to the Teddy Truman character, that he's been put under some kind of comedic trance and can't break free.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • His first name being "Teddy" is a pun on him being a toy, modeled after a bear.
  • Despite being introduced as a character in "Talking Teddy", Truman made his first series-wise appearance a season earlier, in "Docu-Trauma".

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