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Synch or Swim is the episode 48ath.


Jake Spidermonkey really wants to join the undefeated CDMS synchronized swimming team, but Principal Pixiefrog won't let him join, 1.) Because Jake's not an aquatic animal and 2.) Principal Pixiefrog banned Jake from doing his "Butt Bomb" move in the school pool.

After Jake hears about these animals called Sea Simians, which Adam says aren't actually simians but brine shrimp (but of course Jake doesn't listen to him), he decides to buy some so that he can coach his own swimming team. Of course, Jake's Sea Simians are nothing like Jake thought they would be, and Jake decides to flush them down a toilet.

As he flushed then down to toilet,


  • The CDMS-synchronized swim team is an undefeated team.
  • Adam reveals to his animal friends that he had sea simians once, but he had to flush them down the toilet because they had died (although Jake thought, at first, that Adam had flushed them because they were boring, which sea simians are).

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