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Supplies Party is 10a episode.


Adam accidentally invites both his human and animal friends to his birthday party. It will be held at Pig E. Porker's Pizza Palace. There, he tries to put the animals in the supplies closet so he won't get embarrassed.


In the scene where Jake stops swinging to read a letter that Adam dropped he leaves huge scratch marks on the floor but when he is done reading the letter the scratch marks are gone.

When Ingrid alone was in the closet, the rectangular prism' shape of the room was horizontal. When the animals are all in the closet playing games, the shape is vertical.


Adam cries like Baby Kate from Arthur

In the first grade, Adam wet his pants and cried. He did the same thing in this episode.

Ingrid almost died lacking of air supply.

Running Gags: 1.) Adam and Kerry keep backing up after saying something embarrassing. 2.) Adam keeps putting things in the closet.

Third appearence of Kerry.

We get to see Adam's father in this episode, but we do not get to see his face.


Adam: Are you having fun at my birthday party, Kerry? Kerry: Yeah, I love the insanity of this place. (dodges a piece of pizza) It's like being inside of a kaleidoscope that's on fire.

Chad: Who's having a birthday party? Adam: I am. Chad: Oh, it is going to be like the one you had in first grade? Where you wet your pants and cried. Adam: No, that's not going to happen again. Chad: Why? Are you going to wear a stupid diaper? What other stupid stuff are you going to do? Invite your stupid animal friends? I'm sure they'll do something to make you look stupid. Kerry: Don't listen to Chad, he's (pauses) stupid.

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