Sunshine and Tulips
Sunshine and Tulips is a song by Ingrid Giraffe in "Animal School Musical".


Ingrid: Sunshine and tulips
and chewing acacia.
Good friends and hair clips
and trinkets from Asia.
Cumulus clouds
making shapes while they're flyin'.
Thinkin' and singin' 'bout -
Adam: Things without tryin'.
Lupe: Maybe try singing 'bout someone or other.
Someone you'd like to take home to your mother.
Ingrid: Someone who's pasty and has private hair.
Someone who can't seem to notice you're there.
Windsor: Or you could sing
about some sort of hobby.
Crystal collections.
Ingrid: Or someone who's snobby!
Someone you see, every day in the halls.
Someone who doesn't return your phone calls.
Adam: I'm not home.
Slips: Think about something that makes you all happy.
Gerbils for lunch or an afternoon nappy.
Ingrid: Someone with freckles and no fashion sense
who actually suffers from bad flatulence!
Adam: Only when I have milk products.
Ingrid: Oh, what a narcissist. Did really think I was singing about you?
Adam: Kinda sort of seemed like it.
Ingrid: Then you noticed me!
Lupe/Windsor/Slips: When you get stuck
in your mind's muck.
Every rhyme seems wrong.
Ingrid: Just think about something
you've loved all along!
Lupe/Windsor/Slips: And then you can sing
your song!