Substute Sweetheart
Season 3, Episode 13
Substitute Sweetheart
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Substitute Sweetheart is the thirteenth episode of season three.


When Ms. Walking Stick has to go to the hospital, Principal Pixiefrog needs a temporary replacement, and fast! Fortunately, Mr. Mandrill knows someone who can fill in for the Foraging Course. The new teacher is a lady lemur named Hannah Slenderlois who in spite her frail looking build, is really strong! To Jake Spidermonkey, she's the prettiest woman he's ever seen & he's instantly smitten with her! Adam has seen this situation enough to know what might befall his best friend next!


Running gags:Jake Spidermonkey continually tries to get Miss Slenderlois' attention and Adam keeps saying that what Jake is doing is a cliche.

End Credits: Jake Spidermonkey is staring at Hannah Slenderlois lovingly, then he jumps up into the air towards her, trying to kiss her, until Hannah Slenderlois karate chops him, ending his effort.


  • (Everyone in the Foraging course room is acting wild except for Adam) Jake: Hey Adam! Why so normal?! Adam: You guys do this every single time a teacher isn't around! When Miss Loon leaves the room, you guys go crazy; when Mr. Hornbill has to use the restroom, you guys go crazy; and whenever Miss Chameleon dissapears, you guys go crazy! Jake: Because there's no pack leader!
  • Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski: Miss Slenderloris, I don't want to karate chop my desk. I'll get splinters! Ingrid jumps from her desk, chopping it with her hand, and chopping one behind her with her neck) Ingrid: Hi-yah! That felt good! (All of the students except Adam and Jake begin karate chopping their desks) Adam: Miss Hannah, what does karate chopping our desk in half have to do with foraging? Miss Slenderloris: Before you learn how to forage for food, you must learn how to forage for your soul! Adam: Of course! How obvious.
  • Mr. Mandrill to Adam: What can I tell you about love? Love is a cruel mistress. Women will tell you that they're interested, but that they just want to be friends with you. Oh sure, you can share coffee with them, attend an orgainic mushroom course with them or, get them a job at the Middle School where you work. But it doesn't matter, she'll still leave you cold and alone and leave you wondering: "Why, why?! WHY WASN'T I GOOD ENOUGH for HER?!"
  • Jake Spidermonkey sadly: I'm such a fool! Why did I ever think that Miss Slenderlois would ever go out with me when she had her pick of any Middle School assisstant coaches that she wanted?!

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