Substute Sweetheart
Season 3, Episode 13
Substitute Sweetheart
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Substitute Sweetheart is the thirteenth episode of season three.


Jake develops a crush on the new substitute teacher.


When Ms. Walking Stick has to go to the hospital, Principal Pixiefrog needs a temporary replacement, and fast! Fortunately, Mr. Mandrill knows someone who can fill in for the Foraging Course. The new teacher is a lady lemur named Hannah Slender Loris who in spite her frail looking build, is really strong! To Jake Spidermonkey, she's the prettiest woman he's ever seen & he's instantly smitten with her! Adam has seen this situation enough to know what might befall his best friend next!



  • Mrs. Walkingstick is the teacher of the school's Advanced Foraging class. She was only mentioned and never seen in this episode. This is the only time she'd even be acknowledged in the series.
  • Ms. Slender Loris is Jake's the second love interest, after Hyacinth from "Gorilla My Dreams".
  • It's revealed Mr. Mandrill's middle name is "Bob".
  • First time Horace Ferret appears without Coach Gills.
  • End Credits: Jake Spidermonkey is staring at Hannah Slenderlois lovingly, then he jumps up into the air towards her, trying to kiss her, until Hannah Slenderlois karate chops him, ending his effort.