"What are you, a wisenheimer? I'm going by myself."
—Stag Deer
Stag Moose
Stag Deer

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Stag Moose is a student at Charles Darwin Middle School.


In "Kerry to Dance?", Jake plans of taking Adam to the dance failed. He then claimed he'd just "go stag", which means that he'd go alone. However, it turns out he really meant he'd be "going with Stag", as he turned around and asked a male deer student, named Stag. Stag rejected him and claimed he's be going alone.

In "Mountain Dude", Dennis Billy, CDMS alumni tried giving out a word of motivation to Stag and Kaku, which was just shouting "EXTREME!" in their faces. Annoyed, they both walked away, while Stag said in a deadpan tone "Yeah, extremely annoying."


  • "Stag" is a term for a male deer, which he is.