Soupy Baskington
Soupy Baskington


Soupy Baskington

Soupy Baskington is a basking shark, who goes to Charles Darwin Middle School, using the underwater classes. He appeared in "Shark Fin Soupy".


In "Shark Fin Soupy", Two skateboarding ducks knocked Bull's headphones off and into the aquatic hallway. Soupy was swimming by, and heard Bull call the two ducks "toast". The word "toast" possessed him to inhale everything in front of him, wanting to eat. One of the things he inhaled was the headphones, which entered his gills, allowing him to breathe, when climbing up on land.

Soupy came up on land and turned to Adam Lyon for help, getting his headphones off, which he was incapable of doing on his own, due to the size of his stubby fins. Adam was surprised to see someone as big as him, who he'd never notice before and befriended him. Adam introduced Soupy to the rest of the gang and they all had lots of fun giving him things to devour.

Bull tracked down Soupy and threatened to pummel him if he didn't return his headphones. Soupy explained how his predicament prevented him from returning them, whether he wanted to or not, and Bull interpreted this as him picking a fight. The two of them got into a boxing match and Bull was winning, until someone said "toast" making Soupy inhale again, devouring Bull Sharkowski and winning himself the fight.