"Oh, dude! That's some powerful stuff, man."
—Slips Python
Slips Python


Slips Python








Older Sister


Windsor Gorilla
Adam Lyon
Jake Spidermonkey
Lupe Toucan
Ingrid Giraffe


Bull Sharkowski

Voiced by

Rick Gomez

Slips Python is one of the main characters. He is a laid-back care free python snake, who doesn't take life too seriously. He is part of Adam's main friend group, though his most favored companion is Windsor Gorilla, who he's usually seen with. He is voiced by Rick Gomez.


Slips is a lime green snake with shaggy, neck-length, blond hair. He wears a white T-shirt with a blue collar and blue sleeves, though his sleeves hang loose, given that he has no arms. He has darker green spots that run down his back and a lighter green, scaly belly.


Slips is an easy-going, street-talking green tree python. He is an underachiever and excessive daydreamer who's gullibility allows him to believe anything he hears, which makes him a constant source of misinformation.


  • Slips addresses everyone as "Dude", whether they're a male or not. One of his catchphrases that come from this is saying the phrase "Harsh, dude." every time someone does something excessively mean to someone.
  • A running gag affiliated with him is acknowledgement that Slips doesn't have any arms or legs.
  • Although his last name is "Python", Slips has been mentioned to be a Boa Constrictor.
  • In "Ain't Too Proud to Egg", Slips implied that he's a desert snake, having the instinctual need to warm his unhatched egg under a heat lamp, to substitute for the lack of a desert sun.
  • If Jake's predictions from "The Citronella Solution" are correct, then in the future, he will have a skin condition, affecting the well-being of his face.
  • He has a deep understanding of human and animal emotions, as seen in "Mellow Fellows".
  • Slips has an older sister, who's even more masculine than he is. She goes to high school, as seen in "Ingrid Through the Out Door".
  • Slips sheded his skin in " The Sheds , his classmates thought it was a virus and chased him down the hall but pixiefrog stoped them and demanding the whole situation Jake told  the principal that Slips gave everyone the Qqq, so to get this thing straightened out he showed them a film called "It's only natural" brought to you by Nuk-O. The film ended and Pixiefrog tells the students to apologize to Slips for their bad accusation and for hurting his feelings.
  • He is the only main cast member, who doesn't have and has never had a love interest. Adam loves Kerry, Jake loved Hyacinth and Ms. Slender Loris, Windsor loved Deb, Lupe loves Jake, Corey, and loved Orlando, and Ingrid loves Adam.
  • In 2007, Slips Python made a cameo in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, as part of a promotional stunt called Cartoon Network Invaded, an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy featured a brief crossover in the ending credits, with characters from all the "Invaded-related" shows having their brains sucked out by the aliens. Unfortunately, all these characters were stupid, so the plan failed. The character from My Gym Partner's a Monkey was Slips.


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