Slips' Sister
Slips' Sister


??? Python


Boa Constrictor



Voiced by

Rick Gomez

Slips' Sister is the unnamed older sister of Slips Python, who is so masculine, that she's often misgendered. She attents Marlin Perkins Wild High School and appeared in "Ingrid Through the Out Door". She is voiced by Rick Gomez.


In "Ingrid Through the Out Door", Slips mentioned how his brother hated his high school. Later, when Ingrid was being bullied by Euripides, the older siblings of her former Middle School friends saved her, including Slips' unnamed brother, who was used as a golf club by Windsor's Brother, to whack Euripides across the room. When Ingrid recognized him and Slips' brother, he corrected her, saying that "he" was actually a "she", though her appearance and voice were both far more masculine than the character of Slips, himself.


  • Despite claiming to be Slips' sister, Slips mentions his "brother" going to high school earlier in the episode, and she's still labelled as "Slips' Brother" in the episode's credits.

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