Season 3, Episode 6
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Sidekicked is the sixth episode of season three.


Adam and Jake try to determine which of them is the leader and which of them is the lackey.





  • The title is a pun on "Sidekick".
  • Truffles Duvall is mentioned again, and it's revealed that not only is she a singer, but she also has a show called "Yo Mama" and a sidekick named Jippy.
  • Ingrid constantly speaks street in this episode, which nobody else likes. However, when Windsor talks street, it's accepted and considered funny.
  • Many "leader and lackey" pairings between characters are established in this episode. Here's a list of them, with the leaders being listed first and the lackeys listed last.
  • Apparently, there's a Leader's Lounge in the school, which serves as a separate, more high class cafeteria, that leaders can eat in, while the sidekicks are only allowed in the regular cafeteria.
  • Slips depends on Windsor to help him shed his skin, by using him as a backscratcher. However, in "The Sheds" and "Don't Noc It 'Til You Try It", he usually sheds his skin, independently.
  • Henry Armadillo is the only kid in school, who doesn't have another student, to be his sidekick or leader.
    • When the sidekicks took over their leaders, and entered the "Leader's Lounge", Henry was in there, indicating he must have found a counterpart to be his leader.
  • Credits: A male seahorse pulls a never-ending line of baby carraiges filled with baby seahorses.