Season 3, Episode 6
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Sidekicked is the sixth episode of season three.


Adam and Jake try to determine which of them is the sidekick.


  • the sign on the school board outside reads "If you lived here, you'd be lunch by now".
  • Henry is the only kid in school who is not a sidekick. But all the sidekicks became leaders. In the leader's lounge, Jake said he would lead the leaders back to being sidekicks. He was standing in front of the U.S. flag. It turned out Henry was holding it. But how could Henry be a leader if he wasn't a sidekick to begin with?
  • Running Gag:Every animal fighting over who is the sidekick.
  • Jake Spidermonkey appears naked for the fourth time in this episode.
  • Credits: A male seahorse pulls a never-ending line of baby carraiges filled with baby seahorses.


  • Ingrid: Maybe Principal Pixiefrog is right. Maybe we are upsetting the balance of nature. Slips: No way, man! If we did that, we'd all be panicking and chewing on ourselves! (Almost every new leader screams and starts biting themselves) Mrs. Warthog: If only there was someone who could lead us from our lives as leaders back to our lives as sidekicks! Ingrid: But who? Slips: Look! Jake isn't panicking and chewing on himself! (Jake is sitting naked, thinking) Mrs. Warthog : He must have some natural born leader abilities. Jake: But how can that be? I'm such a typical goofball. Mrs. Warthog: Nature isn't always black and white kid. I mean, male seahorses give birth! Male Seahorse: Say WHAT?! (Faints) Jake: I didn't even understand that analogy, or what an analogy even means, but if I'm the only one here with any leader abilities, I shall lead us back to our lives as sidekicks! (Henry Armadillo holds up a U.S. flag behind Jake) Would you cut that out?!
  • Jake Spidermonkey: I wish we could have fun again! Slips: Yeah, I remember fun. Jake: Plus now that I'm a leader, I haven't had time to do my usual hygiene routine. Slips: And since nobody has used me as a back scratcher, my dried up skin is building up. I need to exfoliate, man! Ingrid : Trust me, you don't want to know what I've been neglecting!
  • Adam: You know Jake, I still don't know if I'm a leader or a sidekick. Jake: Me neither. But then again, nature isn't always black and white. Adam: So you're saying we can be both? Jake: Actually, I think I'm saying that male seahorses give birth. Adam: Ewww, gross! Male Seahorse: How do you think I feel about it?!
  • (The former sidekicks enter the Detention Room) Jake: All right you guys, drop that food! Gelatin is for sidekicks only! Principal Pixiefrog: But we're the sidekicks now, you're the leaders. Jake: Well, we're taking back our old positions! Poncharello: And just how do you propose to do that? Jake: Well, since we are the leaders, we figure that you gotta do everything we say, so we say that you gotta give us our old positions back! (P.F. drops gelatin) P.F.: That's a brillant plan, I didn't think they could come up with something so elaborate. Well, come on everybody, we've got to restore the balance of nature around here.
  • Lupe: He took the edge off that girl.

Ingrid: Word. Lupe: Please don't try to be street, Ingrid. Ingrid: Sorry, my bad.

  • Windsor: It appears to be a stalemate.

Slips: I think it's neat that they're both so determined. Windsor: Anyone who says "neat" is out of here. Ingrid: Well, I hear ya, snake friend! Slips:Thanks, Ingrid. Ingrid: Word up, yo! Lupe: I thought I told you not to talk street, Ingrid! Ingrid: Well, Maybe I don't have to do what you say! Lupe: Yes, you do. It's the natural order of things. (Ingrid throws the fan at Lupe)


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