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Pretty pretty shiny shiny

You can't resist the power of the shiny!

Shiny Thing is the 5b episode of Season 1.


Jake brings a glass door knob to school, which is against school policy on shiny objects. Everyone, except Adam, is mesmerized by the ball. After that, Jake uses it to hypnotize everyone into doing what he wants them to do and Adam notices that those door knobs are his parents' antiques. How will he get them back?


  • Running gags in this episode: Every time somebody holds up a shiny object, the animals say, "Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny" over and over again.
  • On the Cartoon Network website, in an ad when Jake is holding up a shining door knob, "Pretty, pretty and "Shiny, shiny" is mixed up.
  • When Jake said This is the dawning of the Age of Monkey Butts. It is a parody of "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius".
  • Jake uses the suit with the glass door knobs attached to it to fight, while Adam used Principal Pixiefrog's Hubcaps.
  • According to Adam, all the door knobs in his house are glass.
  • Credits: Jake holds the door knob up and down, so that one time, the animals are hypnotized while another time, they are normal.
  • Truffles Duvall is mentioned for the second time.
  • When Jake says "Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny for the first time in Creative Arts Class the closed captioning say "Pretty, Pretty, Sound, Sound."
  • While Lupe crashed, her legs were missing for a few scenes, then afterward, her legs reappeared.
  • When Adam and Jake were battling they were parodying off of some movies:

When Adam and Jake were polishing their shiny, it was parodying off of Western duels

When Adam and Jake were about to battle, it was parodying off of Kung-Fu movies and their poor english and lip-sync


  • Everybody: Pretty! Pretty! Shiny! Shiny!
  • Principal Pixiefrog And If I Ever Catch You Stuffing Chum In The Toliets Again It Will Go On Your Permanent Record
  • Jake: Pink one! Your shiny kung-fu cannot defeat me!

Adam: We shall see!

Jake: Hahahahahahaha!

Adam: Hahahahahahahaha!

Jake: Hahahahahahaha!

Adam: Hahahahahahaha!

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