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She's Koala That is the 10b episode.


Adam befriends an annoying koala bear named Deidre who talks about eucalyptus and other things. To make her look better, Lupe and Jake give her a makeover so she can make more friends. Can it work?


Billboard Gag: Seal Club Meeting Thursday

When Jake went down the fish tube, shouldn't the paper that he was holding get wet and soggy?

A preview for this episode was shown before the previous episode aired.


First appearance of Deidre Koala, she will appear again in Gorilla My Dreams.

Deidre's name is actually pronounced Dear-Dra.

As hinted in "Bad News Bear." Lupe is a lot stronger than she looks.

Credits: Deidre is smelling eucalyptus.

Running Gags: 1.) Deidre keeps talking about eucalyptus. 2.) The animals get scared of Deidre.


Windsor: (about Deidre) I don't know what hurts more. The coconut in my face, or listening to her.

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