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Shark Attack is the 4a episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey.


The school bully is taking everyone's lunch and Adam is very furious. Because He accidentally hits the school bully on the snout and he becomes the new school bully. Now everyones is scared of him and he wants to return the title of school bully.


  • After Bull accidentally "hurts" Adam, Look for 2 Nash Pelicans.
  • This is the first appearance of Bull, Henry, and Mr Mardill.
  • We learn that Bull Sharkowski's last victim was Chucky Seal, but then he moved away.
  • Adam's bully career began with mayonnaise and ended with mayonnaise.
  • It is shown that chocolate gives Bull hives.
  • A goat student (that has a watermelon on its head) constantly keeps crashing into things.
  • When Bull is entering the lunchroom on "Shark Attack", the song "Night on Bald Mountain" Plays.
  • Even though Bull ate Adam's sandwich every day, he never ate his Pudding Pocket, so Adam would still have something to eat.
  • Adam said he had not eaten in days, but what about breakfast or dinner?
  • Bull said to go easy on the mayonnaise, but Adam had the same sandwich every day.
  • When Bull slips on the mayonnaise, his teeth are gray for a moment.


A different kind of credits were used for this episode when it aired on Saturday. It showed a preview of the next episode and the credits. Future episodes did this except when there were no new episodes on a Friday.

first appearance of all characters.

first episode of first season.


Look, I don't have what it takes to be a school bully, I'm giving the title back to you. "Bull": Well, I don't want it. It's great (inhales) not being a bully anymore. I finally have friends, who want to be around me.

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