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The Red Crab is an unnamed background student at Charles Darwin Middle School. He doesn't speak, and only communicates by snapping his claws. Whether he is understood or not, varies on who he's talking to.


In "Me Adam, You Jake", he tried out for the role of "Jungle Guy" in the school play. When Miss Chameleon called him up on stage to practice his lines, he snapped his claws. Miss Chameleon didn't understand his language and instantly moved on, leaving him angry, and snapping in rage as he walked away.

In "Diplomatic Insanity", Kaku Tiger was talking to him about Kiki Von Beaky, quoting her famous catchphrase, "Ow, my beak!", to which the crab responded to with laughter, portrayed by snapping his claws. Lupe Toucan lashed out at the crab, along with the other people who were making jokes about Kiki Von Beaky, telling them how offensive they were being. The crab, along with the other students, cowered in fear over her threats of violence.


  • He is one of the few generally aquatic animals, to spend most of their school lives on land.

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