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Principle Pixiefrog
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Maurice LaMarche





African Bullfrog




Inoculaton Day

Principle Pixiefrog, is a frog, that is the principle of Charles Darwin Middle School.

As a strict, but fair administrator, he runs a tight ship, which is somewhat remarkable considering he could easily be squashed underfoot by most of his students and the rest of the faculty, for instance when he was forced to watch the cheerleading practice, he ended up being crushed under LaTanya Hippo's foot with the weight of the entire team. Voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


Principal Pixiefrog always dodges lawsuits, but is terrified of lawyers and is scared when anyone in the school could get sued (He is shown to have Liticaphobia). He talks similar to Windsor, only moving part of his mouth, but his voice is much louder. Adam always asks him if anything bothers him, this frog principal will always help him to see. It is also revealed that Principal Pixiefrog has a mother who bothers him. He once had a girlfriend named Lenore. Throughout the series, Pixiefrog and his struggles in romance have been pointed out in episodes in all four seasons. After being divorced and his fears of what will happen if he were to kiss a lady, he has developed some sort of spite towards romance among the students and rather misogynistic view of women (claiming that you just can't live with them).

After Principal Pixiefrog screamed "LENORE!", a raven flew and smacked into his window (a reference to two of Edgar Allen Poe's stories, Lenore and The Raven). He won the Principal of the Year award. Eventually, he was stripped of it due to a dispute caused by his ego and the title was offered to Principal Wolverine, a principal who temporarily replaced him once.


He is an African Bullfrog with circular glasses, a suit with a red bow, brown jacket and black shoes. Also through his glasses you can see yellow all around the his lens


  • Principle Pixiefrog wears simlar attire as Mr. Bean, The eponymous character of a British comedy television show, though his only difference is that he wears a read bowtie as opposed to a red Necktie that Mr Bean wears
  • In The Frog Principal we learn that Pixiefrog was once married, but he has since been divorced.
  • In The Grim Adventures Of The Codename KidsNextDoor Principal Pixiefrog was found coming out of the delightful reaper after Numbuh 1(Nigel Uno) defeated it.

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