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Pride and Pixiefrog is the episode 8a of season 3.


Principal Pixiefrog wins principal of the year, but trouble comes to the school when the amphibian goes a bit to far by cancelling classes to build a Colisseum, which costed him the Title.


  • We learn Mrs. Warthog worked at CDMS for 34 years.
  • Second appearance of Principal Wolverine.


  • Pixiefrog: Lyon, can you poach an egg?

Adam: Uh... I don't think so. Pixiefrog: Good. I hate eggs.

  • Jake: He's not the only one, buddy. Adam Lyon and Principal Pixiefrog: Shut up, Adam! (Mrs. Warthog wakes up) Mrs. Warthog : Is it over? Poncharello: It is now.

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