Price and Pixiefrog
Season 3, Episode 10
Pride and Pixiefrog
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Pride and Pixiefrog is the tenth episode of season three.


Principal Pixiefrog wins principal of the year, but trouble comes to the school when the amphibian goes a bit to far by cancelling classes to build a Colisseum, which costed him the Title.




  • The title is a pun on "Price and Prejudice".
  • Principal Pixiefrog wins "Principal of the Year" award.
  • Windsor compares Principal Pixiefrog to Ashton Kutcher and Slips has no idea who that is.
  • It's revealed Principal Pixiefrog's middle initial is "W".
  • On the newspaper Lupe reads about Pixiefrog's award, the headline on the other page reads "CATBURGLAR NABBED!" with a picture of a boy, holding the tail of what appears to be an actual cat.
  • When Adam took on the role of Mrs. Warthog, his position was empty. Because of this, the roles of everyone else in the school shifted, with other people leaving their positions and taking on their predecessor's replacement roles. This list goes as follows:
  • When Slips took on the role of Lupe, he inexplicably gained the ability to fly, by flapping his sleeves.
  • Second appearance of Substitute Principal Wolverine.
  • Billboard Gag: "Available for Primate Parties. Inquire within.", and after Pixiefrog won his award, "Principal Pixiefrog, principal of the year".

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