Pranks for the Memories
Season 2, Episode 22
Pranks for the Memories
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Pranks for the Memories is the twenty second episode of season two.


Jake believes that Adam is seizing the title as resident Prank Master General. Adam is soon involved in a prank war that he does not want to be part of.




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  • The title is a pun on "Thanks for the Memories".
  • Jake Spidermonkey reveals to have a long history in pulling off classic school pranks, earning him the title of the school's "Prankmaster General".
  • Jake's previous pranks:
    • Flooding the gym with pudding.
    • Blasting the school mascot to the moon.
    • The thousand mink pillow fight.
  • Windsor does an impression of Jake, making him the third of the pack to do an impression, after Jake (Up All Night), and Adam (Le Switcheroo). Unlike the previous two, his impression is not spot on, more as it is lazy and too much like his original voice.
  • The background character, who's the panther with the headgear's name is revealed to be Eddie.
  • Billboard Gags: "Jake thinks School Stinks", but changed to "Jake Stinks" because Adam crashed into Jake's ladder.