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Pranks for the Memories is the 12a episode of season 2.


Jake believes that Adam is seizing the title as resident Prank Master General. Adam is soon involved in a prank war that he does not want to be part of.


  • This is the second time that Adam Lyon has appeared naked.
  • Billboard Gags: "Jake thinks School Stinks", but changed to "Jake Stinks" because Adam crashed into Jake's ladder.
  • Running gag: Jake keeps trying to pull lame and pathetic pranks to get the title.
  • Victim's of Adam's Accidental Prank: Mr. Hornbill, Mrs. Warthog, and Mr. Mandrill.
  • In real ife, Jake contaminating the water inside the fish tube would have likely killed the fish students, leaving him charged for murder.


We learn the panther kid with the weird headgear's name is Eddie


  • (After the school has fallen down) Jake Spidermonkey: Behold! The king of all pranks! (Door falls down, revealing a naked Adam, who grabs a leaf) Joanie Ox: Look! It's Adam! And he's naked! Henry Armadillo: Adam is the undisputed king of all pranksters. Slips: No way man, Adam is like the greatest Prankmaster of all time! Jake to Adam: You just had to steal my thunder, didn't you? Adam chuckles nervously: That's not true!
  • (Adam wearing a towel, reads a note) Jake Spidermonkey: Let's see you try to steal my thunder, without any clothes on! (Takes Adam's towel, making Adam naked) Adam: Hey! Jake: And let's see you try to steal my thunder, locked up in the school gym! (Locks door) Adam: Jake! Let me out of here! Jake: You see Adam?! I AM the Prrrrankmaster General!

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