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Poop Scoop the 5tha episode of season 2.


Jake starts to publish lies about Adam in the school newspaper. Which starts to get out of Hand when Jake goes in on it, and when Adam Retaliates, Things go wrong...


  • According to the lie Jake made in the end on the school news, a certain human student is madly in love with every female teacher in the school. After that, they say "yes, Adam. Do tell!" Especially Nurse Gazelle, Mrs. Warthog, and Mrs. Tusk. How could they be involved when they're not even teachers?
  • Mr. Mandrill: Principal Pixiefrog's whole identity is wrapped up in lawsuit avoidance. It's his raison d'etre.

"Raison d'etre" is French for "reason for being".

  • Total Products Showed on Principal Pixiefrog's T.V.
  1. 1. Little Annabelle
  2. 2. Ab Doctor
  3. 3. Child Ab Doctor.
  • Jake rarely gets embarrassed.


We figure out that Jake had a cheek(and buttcheek) transplant.


  • Windsor: It's common knowledge that nobody actually reads the school paper, Adam.

Adam: What? Then why do we print so many copies every week? Windsor: Newspapers are the least expensive way of cleaning up after our…various messes.

  • Adam: I'm talking about the stories behind the stories; the real dirt.

Jake: Ooh, like gossip? I loves me some gossip. (Lupe, Ingrid, Slips, and Windsor chatter excitedly) Adam: Not that kind of dirt. I mean the real scoop, like why are the maggots pupating early? Is it because of a frost that sent sly larva prices skyrocketing? Or maybe farm subsides are going— (snoring is heard. The camera angle changes to show everyone is sleeping.) Adam: (sighs) Or maybe the lunch lady is too busy fending off a love-struck suitor. (Everyone's eyes pop open) Jake: Looks like we got ourselves a story, people.

  • Jake: Hey, Adam! Is "engaged" spelled with one "g" or four?

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