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Political Animals is the 11a episode.


Adam goes up againsts Bull Sharkowski to become president of the student body. They use campaign ads and speeches. Who will win: Adam or Bull Sharkowski?


Bull Sharkowski calls Principal Pixiefrog "P.F."

When you become president of the student body, the animals have to beat you up to gain dominance.


Adam: You mean a debate? That's a great idea. Jake: No it's not. Do you even own a helmet? Adam: What?

Jake: Okay Adam, we've compiled all the data. Let me nutshell it for ya. Drop on out before it's to late.

Adam: You mean Bull's running unopposed? Lupe: Yes, yes he is. Who would be so stupid as to run against him? Adam: Well, me. I'll run against him. (Lupe laughs.)

Adam: This place is out of control! Jake: No it's not, it's under Bull's control.

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