Political Animals
Season 1, Episode 21
Political Animals
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Political Animals is the twenty first episode of season one.


Bull Sharkowski runs for school president and Adam runs against him.




Major RolesEdit

Minor RolesEdit


(Bull dominates Adam and Jake)
Adam: This place is out of control!
Jake: No it's not. it's under Bull's control.

(Adam watches his "approved" political commercial)
Adam: Hey! I didn't approve of that.
Windsor: (to Jake) I told you, we needed more crust dissolves.

Bull: I said a touch of makeup, you idiots! I'm running for class president, not prom queen!

Adam: I'm not wearing this helmet, Jake!
Jake: Well, at least wear a cup, then.

Pixiefrog: Now, Mr. Lyon won the coin toss, but, Mr. Sharkowski, since you know where I live, you're up first.

Bull: Gimme a ride, PF.
Pixiefrog: Not today, Mr. Sharkowski, and the name's "Principal Pixiefrog" to you.
Bull: Don't press your luck, Frog.
(Bull rides off with Principal Pixiefrog's moped)
Pixiefrog: Fair enough.

(Adam's presidency gets him chased by an animal stampede)
Lupe: Check it out. First day on the job and Adam's already running again.