Political Animals
Season 1, Episode 21
Political Animals
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Political Animals is the twenty first episode of season one.


Bull Sharkowski runs for school president and Adam runs against him.




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(Bull dominates Adam and Jake)
Adam: This place is out of control!
Jake: No it's not. it's under Bull's control.

(Adam watches his "approved" political commercial)
Adam: Hey! I didn't approve of that.
Windsor: (to Jake) I told you, we needed more crust dissolves.

Bull: I said a touch of makeup, you idiots! I'm running for class president, not prom queen!

Adam: I'm not wearing this helmet, Jake!
Jake: Well, at least wear a cup, then.

Pixiefrog: Now, Mr. Lyon won the coin toss, but, Mr. Sharkowski, since you know where I live, you're up first.

Bull: Gimme a ride, PF.
Pixiefrog: Not today, Mr. Sharkowski, and the name's "Principal Pixiefrog" to you.
Bull: Don't press your luck, Frog.
(Bull rides off with Principal Pixiefrog's moped)
Pixiefrog: Fair enough.

(Adam's presidency gets him chased by an animal stampede)
Lupe: Check it out. First day on the job and Adam's already running again.


  • This episode's plot is a parody on the 1970's political comedy-drama film, "The Candidate". The film featured Bill McKay, a charming, laid-back everyman, with no political experience, running against Crocker Jarmon, the abhorrent and currently unopposed, state senator in the upcoming election. In this case, the less than captivating Adam Lyon goes up against the hateful, domineering bully of a class president, Bull Sharkowski, who ran otherwise unopposed in the upcoming school election.
    • The final scene of the film involves McKay as the new senator, getting dragged out of a room by a herd of clamoring reporters. The final scene in this episode features Adam as the new president, getting chased out of the room by a stampede of angry students. Neither of them knowing what to do with their power, and realizing they've bit off more than they can chew, by achieving their goals.
  • Harry Bat took Dustin Flounder out of the water to smack Adam out of the air. When he did, Dustin begged "Don't hurt me!" in a dehydrated voice. This is the exact same thing he said in "Shark Attack", when Jake pulled him out of the water, expecting Adam to beat him up.
  • When Jake landed in the trash can, a Dirtnut flew out of it.
  • Bull Sharkowski has total dominance over Principal Pixiefrog. Bull knows where Principal Pixiefrog lives, and uses this as a threat, a fear-tactic which works on Pixiefrog, and causes him to do whatever Bull tells him to. This makes Bull a more invincible bully, as he's immune to punishment for his rule breaking.
  • Principal Pixiefrog disapproved of Bull calling him "PF", though he'd prove to be perfectly fine with Jake and Mrs. Warthog addressing him as that in various other episodes.