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Pants in Space is the 13b and last episode of season 2.


Jake joins a group of cheesy group of monkey acrobats thinking it's the Space Program.


  • Listen Closely: When Windsor was sad, because he didn't make the program, he runs away crying. Then a car can be heard driving away, that means Windsor went home. But then Windsor re-appears back at the launch site there. Didn't he leave? Response: He probably only ran to the car to get back into his normal clothes, then went back to watch the event. The car drove away without him.
  • Billboard Gag: Estate Planning Seminar Tuesday.
  • "Pants in Space" was formerly called "Space Monkeys."
  • Running gags: A few voices repeat phrases or words that the characters said, such as chocolate and serving your country in "Pants in Space."
  • Credits: Adam and Windsor ride in Phinnius Porpoise's "Rotato-Sphere."
  • Adam would never have survived the airless, cold vacuum of space without a space shuttle, much less even speak.
  • The character, I Didn't/Larry, appears to be a parody of "Samurai Jack," and even shares the same voice actor.


First Appearance of I. Didnt.


  • Adam: So you're not going to try out for the space program, all because of the stupid pants? Jake angrily: Stupid?! Oh, that's just what they want you to think! (Fantasizes) It's always the same with pants. You're walking along, minding your own business, when you see a pair. And they lure you in with their weaved tussels, their flare-on designs, and their fancy zippers. So you try them on, then the horrible truth comes out! Wedgies! Unspeakable fashion trends! And when you get older, the climbing wastelines! (Fantasy ends) Ohhhh, no! Adam: But Jake, it could be fun! I'd even help to train you! Jake points with his tail: Talk to the butt, Adam!
  • Windsor: I don't know Adam, I think this spacesuit makes me look fat. (Foghorn sounds) Adam: Oh Windsor, going into space isn't about how you look, it's about serving your country. Random Voices: Serving your country!

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