Pants in Space
Season 2, Episode 25
Pants in Space
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Pants in Space is the twenty fifth episode of season two and the season finale.


NASA is looking for monkey to send to space, and Jake and Windsor butt heads for the role.





  • This is the season two finale.
  • The title is a possible reference to the classic Muppets sketch "Pigs in Space".
  • This episode was originally going to be titled "Space Monkeys".
  • Jake mentions having a sister, saying the only time he saw a pantsless astronaut was at his sister's wedding. This world also mean he has a brother-in-law.
  • Jake calls Windsor "Baby Kong", referencing to the Gorilla character, King Kong.
  • Phineas Porpoise has an entire laboratory for space testing machinery.
  • Jake confronted Mrs. Warthog, after she came out of her stall, meaning that one of them had to inappropriately be in the bathroom for the other sex.
  • First appearance of I Didn't.
  • I Didn't seems to be a parody on Samurai Jack, mirroring his appearance and sharing his voice actor.
  • A running gag involves background voices singing about various things that are either mentioned by characters or shown on screen.
  • It turns out, "N.A.S.A." was actually a completely different organization called "M.A.S.A.", which stood for "Most Amazing Simian Astronauts".
  • Second episode where Adam gets sent to space. The first was "Cheer Pressure", when he was thrown out of Earth's orbit by Jackie. This, however, is the first time it was shown on screen.
  • Billboard Gag: Estate Planning Seminar Tuesday.
  • Credits: Adam and Windsor ride in Phinnius Porpoise's "Rotato-Sphere." Windsor attempts to eat ice cream, but it falls off the cone and lands in Adam's mouth.


  • Listen Closely: When Windsor was sad, because he didn't make the program, he runs away crying. Then a car can be heard driving away, that means Windsor went home. But then Windsor re-appears back at the launch site there. Didn't he leave? Response: He probably only ran to the car to get back into his normal clothes, then went back to watch the event. The car drove away without him.

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