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Orlando Parrot is a student at Charles Darwin Middle School. He was Lupe's boyfriend in "Lupe in Love".


In "Lupe in Love", Jake introduced Orlando to Adam saying that Orlando was in his debate club. Orlando looked in the mirror and repeated "Pretty bird! Pretty bird!" Lupe, who was just dumped by her boyfriend flew by and heard Orlando's comments, assuming he was talking about her. She fell instantly in love with him and a relationahip started between the two of them. Lupe was so loveblind, that she had no idea Orlando was really talking about himself, until he went into the bathroom and started making those comments when she wasn't around. Lupe assumed he was cheating on her, but then Adam explained how this was only a mistake. Lupe was furious, when she found out she dated someone who didn't think she was pretty. Corey told her he thought she was pretty and she got back together with him again.