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One Lump of Tutor is the 24b episode.


Adam fails another Feeding Frenzy exam and Mr. Hornbill predicts that he will get held back if he does not pass the next test. So Bull becomes Adam's new tutor.


  • Mr. Hornbill made fun of Bull Sharkowsky by saying Euripides's name in front of him just for fun. A teacher is not allowed to make fun of students. They could get in serious trouble for that, like getting fired.
  • When Bull is about to eat the Cheese Cow, "Night on Bald Mountain" plays.
  • We learn that Bull has an older sister named Euripides Sharkowski who graduated from Charles Darwin Middle School.
  • Credits: Euripedes teaches Bull how to insult better, but Bull messes up and believes that he'll never be as good as her.


  • Euripedes:(to Adam) You'd look just like your mother, if you grow a MUSTACHE!
  • Adam: Lupe's really smart! She speaks two languages!

Lupe: I speak three. (gets thrown over with the smart kids) Ugh... pobre moi.

  • Bull: You must first look inside yourself. (rolls his eyes to the back of his head) Adam: Gross. Bull: Do it! Adam: Okay.

(looks inside his head and sees dogs playing poker) Adam: No wonder my brain always itches. Jake: What are you seeing inside your head, Windsor? Windsor: A tranquil African forest, where the only sounds are a babbling brook and the insistent call of the playful light tray. What are you seeing, Jake? Jake: Ooh! I see snow. (sees television static)

  • Adam: Bull? Are you here? Bull?

Jake and Windsor: Bull? Adam : Shh! Okay Bull, this isn't funny, if you're trying to scare us. Bull : Boo! Adam, Jake, and Windsor : Ah!!! Bull: (grabs Adam) Now listen up, Lyon. This tutoring junk is a drain on my valuable time. So if you want to avoid a serious lumping, I'd learn quick if I was you! Adam : Good advice. Bull: Good. Jake: Yeah!!!! Windsor: Well, where's the price of admission? Jake: Oh, were we supposed to pay admission? Windsor: Uh, yeah, you owe me five bucks. Jake: This show better be good.

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