One Lump or Tutor
Season 2, Episode 21
One Lump or Tutor
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One Lump or Tutor is the twenty first episode of season two.


Adam fails another Feeding Frenzy exam and Mr. Hornbill predicts that he will get held back if he does not pass the next test. So Bull becomes Adam's new tutor.




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Adam: That's not cheese!
Mr. Hornbill: No, but if we told you what it really was, you probably wouldn't want to eat it.

Mr. Hornbill: Alright class, who can tell me Mr. Lyon's first mistake?
Windsor: He never made much of an effort to correct the sublimely comical bureaucratic error that got him transferred here in the first place?

Adam: We human just aren't made for ripping, tearing, or gulping. We use knives and forks.
Mr. Hornbill: Well, la dee da, excuuuuuuuse me, mister opposable thumbs tool user!

Bull: Lyon, meet me after school in the gym, and prepare to bu tutored!
Jake: Boy Adam, you are in for a whooping.
Windsor: I suggest we bring popcorn.
Jake: With extra butter!

Windsor: Well worth the price of admission.
Jake: Oh, were we supposed to pay admission?
Windsor: Uh, yeah. You owe me five bucks.

(Jake and Windsor roll their eyes into the backs of their heads and see their own brains)
Jake: What are you seeing inside your head, Windsor?
Windsor: A tranquil African forest, where the only sounds are a babbling brook and the insistent call of the playful white stripe.
Jake: Ooh, I see snow.
(Jake's brain contains only TV static)

Bull: Listen to me, Lyon. When you completely lack brute physical strength, such as in your case, [inhales] you've got to use your mind! You've gotta find within yourself, your specialized skill to stun your prey, intimidate to eliminate! Can I get a shout out from the fellas?
Jake and Windsor: Intimidate to eliminate!

Bull: Snakes use venom!
Slips: Actually, I'm a constrictor.

Bull: Cars use headlights!
Pixiefrog: Aw, not again!

Bull: Intimidate to eliminate! Just the ladies now!
Jake: [in a mock feminine voice] Intimidate to eliminate!

[Euripides debuts, proving to be female]
Jake: Euripides is a girl!?
Windsor: Duh.
Bull: You got a problem with girls?
Windsor: Uh, no, clearly it's you who has the problem.

Windsor: Wow, I would've actually payed to see a show this good.
Jake: Yeah, me to-wait a minute!


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "One Lump or Two?"
  • When Bull is about to eat the Cheese Cow, "Night on Bald Mountain" plays.
  • Bull has an older sibling named Euripides, who's a bigger bully than him, and who dominated the school before graduating, allowing Bull to finally take on the role of being the alpha-male. Since then, Bull tries to forget about Euripides, and if any student were to give him a reminder, he'd beat them to a pulp.
    • Mr. Hornbill stayed in tough with Eurpides, via phone. So, he's given an advantage over Bull, often threatening to call Euripides over for a little visit, giving him a slight advantage over Bull. (That he's a teacher has nothing to do with it, since Bull shamelessly bullies even the school principal)
  • The inside of Adam's brain has dogs playing poker, which is a reference to the eponymous painting.
  • Slips claims to be a Boa Constrictor in this episode, contradicting his last name being "Python".
  • Bull stole the headlights from Principal Pixiefrog's car. When Pixiefrog found out about his car being vandalized, he whines "Aw, not again." This is a callback to the episode "Shiny Thing", where Adam had previously vandalized Pixiefrog's car, stealing the hubcaps.
  • Apparently the school has a "Human Behavior" class, which would seem unlikely since Adam is the school's only human. It's also worth noting that Adam isn't in the class. It's only known student is Bull.
    • The "Human Behavior" class could actually give teachings to animals, helping them learn how to act civil and sophisticated enough to perform basic human functions, such as walking and talking, which mean it's only useful for animals, which is why Adam is excluded from it.
  • Credits: Euripedes tutors Bull, helping him practice his insults.