Oh, Henry!
Season 4, Episode 2
Oh Henry
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Oh, Henry! is the second episode of season four.


A white tiger named Alistair is about to return to Charles Darwin Middle School, which is forcing Henry to go back his home in Greenland, and if Henry leaves, Adam is going to go against his will to Siberia. So Adam now has to get his other students to help convince Henry to stay at Charles Darwin





  • The title of this episode is a pun on O. Henry, which was the pen name for writer William Sidney Porter.
  • It's revealed that Henry Armadillo is a foreign exchange student from Greenland, switching places with Alistair White Tiger. The school was glad to get rid of Alisair, since white tigers were obnoxious. After he left, the school established an "Orange Only" policy for tiger students. The only other tiger at the school, Kaku Tiger, happens to be orange.
  • Apparently, there's a jackrabbit student at the school, despite it being made clear in "The Big Field Trip", that the school didn't allow for rabbits to attend.
  • Windsor claims that "Datah Tey" (pronounced "Daw-Duh-Tay") is the Apache word for "Hello". This is incorrect as the two greetings to serve as "Hello" in Apache would be "Da'anzho" (Daw-Ahn-Zoe) or "Ya'ateh". (Yah-Ah-Tay). Apparently, Windsor erronously combined the two of them.
  • Bull Sharkowski's dance is a parody on the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite. Bear Ted also criticizes the dance, saying "How 2004", which is the year Napoleon Dynamite came out.
  • Ingrid stands up to Lupe for the second time, following "Sidekicked".
  • Henry says that he likes being abused by other students, cuz it makes him feel more "at home" when he's at Charles Darwin Middle School.
  • Billboard Gag: Come see our gnu facilities.
  • End Credits: Principal Pixiefrog taking an uncomfortable hot tub sit with Alistair and Oxanna.