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Octavius Octopus


Octavius Octopus



Octavius Octopus is a background student at Charles Darwin Middle School. He is an octopus who moves around the school, by sitting in a bucket of water on wheels and pushing himself around with his side tentacles. He had his first speaking role in "Bubble or Nothing".


In "The "A" Word", Octavius was the last person in line to be Jake's new best friend.

In "Amazon Kevin", Octavius was one of the animals in the audience, watching Amazon Kevin. He was visible when the house lights went up.

In "Grub Drive", Octavius was in the lake, while Principal Pixiefrog made his announcement about the grub drive.

In "Yesterday's Funny Monkey", he attended every one of Jake's comedy performances.

In "Political Animals", he was in the audience, gasping when Bull Sharkowski made his threatening speech.

In "Guano in 60 Seconds", he, and two other cephalapod students, Daniel and Noah, were in Miss Loon's Class, learning how paint with their own natural ink. The class was moved to a moving vehicle at the time, which hit a speed bump and caused them to mess up their paintings, which ended up making them better. Octavius' painting was a replica of Starry Night.

In "Bubble or Nothing", like every other student, he got his own Hypo-Allergenic Bubble. He then complimented Ingrid on her strawberry flavored bubble.

In "Kerry to Dance?", he was standing with all the other boys at the prom.

In "I Got a New Aptitude", Octavius took the career aptitude test. He used eight pencils, one in each tentacle, getting him through the test eight times as fast. His first name was revealed when he wrote it down.

In "The Little Mermonkey", Jake chased Octavius through the lunchroom, harassing him for information about the Mermonkey.

In "Diplomatic Insanity", Octavius was affiliated with the United Species, working as the security guard or "Sargent at Arms". Adam ordered him to throw Jake out for making too much butt jokes.