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Nice Mustache the 4thb episode of season 2.


Jake's world changes when he wakes up with a mustache. He drops out of the school to follow his mustache, wherever it leads him. Adam must shave Jake's mustache off or else Jake will experience a lot of pressure. Luckily, thanks to another mustached monkey Tommy Tamwin, he knows the secret code of a mustache club. When he says it out loud, Jake cannot hurt him, even with his nunchucks.


  • Credits: Adam and Kerry are drinking their refreshments while sitting on Adam's car (formerly Jake's). They are about to kiss each other, but Adam's mustache (also formerly Jake's) transforms into a butterfly. They continue to drink their refreshments.
  • The second time you see the school sign, it says, "This sign changes a lot." The sign changes in most episodes.


Turns out the mustache was just a Caterpillar.


  • (Kerry walks on-screen and sees Adam with his new 'mustache')

Kerry: Hey Adam, nice mustache! Adam love-dazed: It sure is, Kerry!

Kerry: Wow Adam, cool car! Is it yours?

Adam: It is now, baby!

Jake: Wow, was I that creepy with a mustache?

Adam : Comb keeper, go get me and my lady a couple of slushees! In the meantime, I'll be taking those nunchuks away from you.

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