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My Science Project is the 7b episode of season 1.


Jake ruins Adam's volcano project for the science fair by accident and to make it up, Jake gets a robot arm and implants it in his skull. He finds that he can control the robot arm and make it do whatever Jake wants, later on, it starts having a mind of its own. Now, it wants to go to the smartest kid it can find, which is in fact Phinneas the Porpoise.


  • The robot arm was a few feet from Phinnius' suit, and considering the distance, it would have blown up Phinnius' science project.
  • The Plasma Cannon hurt Phinnius, but it didn't hurt the Robot Arm.


  • In this episode, it is shown that Jake lost the top half of his later episodes, Jake has a normal top to his head when he is not wearing his hat, despite the fact the the robot are drilled it off.
  • Credits: In a waiting room, Jake reads a book.
  • This is the first time real credits are shown on Fridays.


  • Jake: Wait- Let me go do something.

(one second later) Jake: Sorry I was gone so long.

  • (trying to avoid the mechanical arm)

Jake: I'm glad you're here Adam, cause you're sooo smart. Adam: I'm not that smart. I think chocolate milk comes from a brown cow. Jake: Uh, well, I look forward to the Easter bunny coming every Christmas. Adam: Don't look at me, I think professional wrestling is real. Jake: I can't even spell real. Adam: It's R-E-A-L. (mechanical arm powers up its drill) Darnnit! Jake: That's what you get for being such a smarty pants.

  • Jake: I happen to have a great back-up science project.

Adam: If it involves your butt, forget it. Jake: Are you sure? Adam: Yes. Jake: Dang.

  • Ant: (while his project is on fire)Break out the sauce, I smell barbecue.

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