My Science Project
Season 1, Episode 16
My Science Project
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It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon
Two Tons of Fun
My Science Project is the sixteenth episode of season one.


An eruption of disaster occurs at the school science fair, when Jake mistakes Adam's baking soda volcano for a toilet.


Jake ruins Adam's volcano project for the science fair by accident and to make it up, Jake gets a robot arm and implants it in his skull. He finds that he can control the robot arm and make it do whatever Jake wants, later on, it starts having a mind of its own. Now, it wants to go to the smartest kid it can find, which is in fact Phinneas the Porpoise.



  • The robot arm was a few feet from Phineas' suit, and considering the distance, it would have blown up Phineas' science project.
  • The Plasma Cannon hurt Phineas, but it didn't hurt the Robot Arm.
  • Credits: In a waiting room, Jake reads a book.
  • This is the first time real credits are shown on Fridays.

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